Inspired by Ralph S. Mouse

We like to find things in your story books 
that we can bring to life by recreating ourselves at home.

The Ralph and the Motorcycle series 
are of some of your all time favorite chapter books.

When we read about the maze that Ralph had to go through 
in Ralph S. Mouse
we talked about making our own for your miniature gerbils.  

Of course, that was months ago, 
and we just finally got around to doing it this week. 

It was so much fun to create, using a shallow box and Trios.

When it was all finished you put both of your girls inside the box...

and let them run!

While we were making the maze 
I thought all of the fun would be in the building...

but after about an hour of watching them I realized 
it was just as fun to see them navigate and play in the finished product!

And of course, you and I weren't the only
ones who so thoroughly enjoyed watching the scurry.

I'm sure we'll get plenty of use out of this in the coming weeks, as well.

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