On the night we returned from our trip to Madison, 
you asked me to tell you about a boy named Kevin who went to Madison. 
So, I told you a story recapping the true events of our own time there. 

The next day you insisted that I retell you the same story. 
And again that night... 
until finally, I decided it would be best to write the story 
and read it to you, rather than having to remember it 
all off the top of my head each time. 

SO, I have been working hard on getting our Madison visit into story form. 
But for blog's sake I'll jot a quick little rendition of it here, too. 

We went to Madison to see Emily and kids, 
and to share the WI capital city with Sarita. 

We left on a Friday morning in a mild snow storm 
and arrived there by late morning. 

We ate, you played in the basement with the boys, and we played board games.

On Saturday, we went to the awesome Children's Museum.

We got to see and play with some really great stuff. 

You and Theo got along so well, being nearly the same age. 

We couldn't get enough of the Museum. 

Even the Mama's and Sarita loved it.

The fun was endless.

Eventually, we had to drag you all out to go to lunch. 

On the way to lunch Sarita got to see the State Capitol Building for the first time.

Then we all ate a giant 21" macaroni and cheese pizza 
that Miss Emily bought for us. 
it was delicious!

At home, you and Theo wore your matching pajamas...

and you all watched cartoons. 

Then you went outside in the freezing cold snow to play
in the dark with your head lamps on.

You had a blast playing with trucks and warm.

You all came back in for some hot chocolate and snacks
and watched Finding Nemo before bed. 

In the morning we packed, ate, said good bye, and headed home.

There's SO much more to the story. 
But you will soon have the actual book to look back on, so...
this is the best I can do without giving it away! :)

We had an awesome time.