You and Zach have made an art or partying these past weeks!

Both equally in love with Toby Mac 
("booming out your stereo system" about as loud as this Mom can stand it 
even from behind the closed door in your room)
you jam out most of your time together.

Both wildly insistent that you will stay up ALL night long PARTYING!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
I could not have asked for more in a friend for you!

When we decided to take you to the outdoor theater to see Cars 2
on its opening night, you asked for Zach to come along.

He not only wanted to join us, but he stayed the whole day, 
night, and through the next day! :)

You two enjoyed some miniature golf

and the movie was a hit!

The two of you had just enough of a rest on the ride back to 
resume your all night party plans once we were home. 

You claimed that you went to sleep at 1:38a.
You're such teen wannabes. 


the beach

We made our first appearance at our favorite area beach two weeks ago.

We haven't had the best beach weather yet, 
but we were blessed with a short sweet window of warmth.

We were glad to have Jay with us for the occasion.

Of course, this won't be the last of us. 
We will be back!


Little Gym Graduate

This week you had your last class of the season in Little Gym Sports. 

They held a little ceremony for your graduation during which you 
did some tricks and showed off what you've learned this year:

They also presented you with medals and certificates. 

It was very cute. 

We were sure to get Ayden's number and set up for a play date with him, soon. 

The two of you have grown very close, 
and it is sad to know that you will not share a class again, 
as Ayden will be attending public kindergarten next year. 

His mom and I did sign you up for the same week of camp this summer, 
and we will see to it that you see each other plenty. 

As for Little Gym, we are SO happy with what it has done for you.
The program has made such a change in your esteem, confidence, 
comfort in talking with and looking people in the eye,
and attitude about going places and doing things. 

We love it, and will certainly be enrolling you again next year! 



Her name is Apple.

She is fantastic. 

Eight weeks old ~ white ~ purebred ~ boxer.

She is the BABY. 

We are all so happy. 

You are a GREAT puppy haver at five point five years. 

We're too busy loving her, cuddling her, playing with her, and making many visits to the new potty garden with her to keep up with the world right now.

I say, let the world pass us right on by. 

Who needs it? :)


two wheels

"Bye Mom!"
You yell back to me as you peddle your 
no-more-training-wheels, bicycle out of our driveway. 

I stand in the front door watching you looking both ways 
on the road before peddling over to play with 
the neighbor boys on your own, across the street.
The neighbors have a cool, huge trampoline and a cool "Miss Teri" for a Mama 
who always likes to feed you fun snacks you're not allowed to have at home.

I shake my head in disbelief as I close the front door and walk back 
into the now quiet house with only cat and dog to keep me company. 

You're growing up so fast.

There are things a new Mom naturally day-dreams about her first child. 
Like first smiles, solid foods, words, steps, and even sports games... 
but who ever thinks of the first time her son will 
have a preference to the colors he will wear,
or ask to be done with his five point harness car seat,
or ride off across the street to play with friends on his own?  

I sure didn't.

And as much as I love the fulfillment of the long dreamed of firsts, 
it's really the unexpected ones that catch me off guard and make me 
the happiest to be alive and right here, right now, with you.

Lately, you're growing taller than I'd yet imagined you. 
You're always analyzing and thinking more deeply than I'm prepared for. 
You never fail to amaze me. 

You're all giggles and sparks. 
And life with you is filled with sweet tender moments, 
and surprises around every corner. 

It is so wonderful to be your Mom, watching you every step of the way, 
pinching your little cheeks, holding your ever growing hand, 
seeing you inch your way taller and taller at my side...

I'm so grateful to have you,

my little "two-wheel" rider.