You've been playing with friends. Manny, Lil, Zach, Lij, Nick, Noah, Jordan, Luke, Jaymee, Michael. You've been hanging out with them a lot. After school, during school, for school, playdates, play days, sleep overs... It's been good for you. 

As of late you are loving Aunt Pam's place the most, though. You love being there and spent more waking hours at her house this past weekend than you did here. 

You love being with Zach. And even Lij, though he is the "youngest brother". You snowboard, whittle, play ship, come up with ways to earn money for homeless kids?, and even eat whatever Aunt Pam serves up for lunch or dinner. 
In no time, you should be milking goats, separating cream, and churning butter with them. ;)

Yesterday, we were both pretty ornery when we started school. I could feel your attitudue pulling me down further, and I predicted a mass melt down of sorts. So I called off school. 
You looked at me so funny. You asked why we wouldn't do school today? I didn't dare tell you it had anything to do with you too, for fear that you might try to get more days off of school in the future. :) So I said it was called a "crabby mommy day", and threw in something about how public schooled kids get random days off for conferences and teacher work days... 
You thought this was incredibly fun, and so we cooked and cleaned and played cars instead. It was good, and another reason I just love homeschooling. 

Today, we ARE doing school. Followed by a hair appointment for me. Followed by an afternoon with your Daddy at work while I have an appointment with the doctors. 

It's will be in the 50s today, and thankfully there will be thundershowers, because otherwise I would want to cancel the whole day and just go riding with you and Gwin. Of corse, the temps will be back in the single digits in the next few days. Such strange weather. 

And now I'm typing about the weather... 
Good time to wrap it up.

I love you, Muffin (if we're a lone)
Zeek (if we're with your friends) 

You're my Nib.


Riding with Morgan

Today, we went to see Gwin. 
Gwen and Morgan were there to clean up and ride. 
I cuddled and groomed Gwin. 
Then I rode her bareback while you and Morgan played in the snow together. 

It was a beautiful afternoon. 

You wanted to ride. 
Morgan rode Angel and you rode Gwin, together. 

It was so cute. 
I could see you growing up together to be ridding buddies. 

Gwen rode with Morgan on Angel. I didn't realize it was okay to do that. 
I know I always did it with my cousins when we were kids, 
and as much as I'd LOVE to with you on Gwin, 
I wasn't too keen on the idea. 
Now that I know it's fine we are SO going to start doubling. 
I can't wait. ;) 



If I don't write something, I never will. I always want to go back and recap for you where I left off. 

For now I'm just going to write on today. I'll "catch up" later, if I get around to it. 

We are back to school as of yesterday. You were not looking forward to it, but by mid-day you said, 
"Maybe I don't hate school like I thought I did." 
I could have told you that. :)

I think this was just the first time you ever really needed a break. 
We all did. It was the perfect timing. 

Many things in our home and family have changed greatly over the past month. 
We know that you don't realize how or why. And it's okay if you never do. 

We know that you know we have been hurting. I pray you have no idea how terribly. 
Nanna has helped us keep you from so much of what you don't deserve or need to go through with us. That's why you have spent so much time with her lately. She has been our God send for you. Never forget that God always takes good care of us.

It is our determination for a better life, home, and family for you that has given us much of the strength and hope to work so hard on what we are striving for.  

We're so grateful to God that the transitions have been smooth and seemingly undisturbing for you. 
We're also very happy that your upbringing is going to be much healthier, giving you a more stable foundation to grow from. 

I'm not sure how you caught on to it, but you've coined it perfectly a few times, and you couldn't be more right; you are finally a kid.

It brings tears to my eyes. It's so true. 
You deserve to be a kid, Zeek. 

We each deserve the blessings that are showing from becoming whole and well together in this family. 

I love you, babe. 


Elf Days Catch Up

Granted, this isn't all that was left. 
We didn't get photos of every single day, as I'd hoped we would.

A few remaining highlights from Spark-Fredo's December surprises:

Apparently, the whole lot of your cats joined Sparky 
for some base jumping off the bridge.

...or maybe they were having their own fun
and strung him up?

And of course, Gold Fish Cracker fishing 
in the bathroom. 

My favorite was the night that Sparky
painted you an adorable cat picture on a canvas  

leaving all the paints and supplies out for us to 
do our own painting to Christmas music 
the morning after. 

 Our sneaky little guy really made some fun for us that day.

And finally, the morning we woke up to Sparky praying
at your new Nativity set.

Even he knows what Christmas is about. :)