time flies

Gra and Pepere left yesterday morning from Gra’s back-to-back visit for work and Pepere’s weekend stay.

We had ice cream, Uncle Tony’s birthday party with Gra’s homemade pizza rollups and oreo cake… we played and hung out and played some more.

They saw the new house.

There was coffee, scrabble, news, sports, a family walk (you stayed home to play with your Daddy), the reading of Joshua, Gra’s cookies, and a good amount of whining and complaining about the coming weather here…and then they were off, again.
It was good to have them.
You have been learning to sleep in your bed without someone in your room. I have been praying with you, reading you a chapter or so, and then tucking you in with kisses and hugs, promising to check on you, and leaving the room.

You have fallen asleep this way with no crying four nights so far.
Last night you woke up early (no nap) and cuddled into bed with me for the rest of the night. Your Dad was out for guy’s night.

You have been really cuddly and loving lately.
You wrap your arms around my head and hold me to your chest. You rub my hair or my arm, and you give me the sweetest most loving look. Almost as if to assure me that you will take care of me and anything that comes along. You are and always have been a very grown up boy when it comes to loving and caring for your Mama.
It’s so adorable.

During our pretend play you will often tell me, 
“I’ll be the mom, mom. And you will be my girl.” 
And then you endearingly call me “girl” the whole time we play. =)

You love your airplanes and matchbox cars, especially the “Cars” cars. And you LOVE flash lights.
I think you would give up all your toys in exchange for yet MORE cars (if that’s possible) and flash lights.

You don’t like to go out of the house. When I ask if you want to go out to eat, out to a library story time, or out to a store, your answer is always, "no".

You will jump at the opportunity to go out for ice cream most times, as well as to a park for a picnic and play, though.

You brush your teeth about 5 times a day. You change your pants from shorts to joggers to starters to pjs about 10 times a day.
You dump your garbage bin on the floor in your bedroom, then you turn it upside down in the closet so you can stand on it to reach your pants and shorts. =)

You are quite the character.

Yesterday it snowed a little bit. Nothing enough to even show on the grass, but you were SO excited. 
You jumped up and down yelling 
“ka chow!” (that’s what you do when you’re excited, thanks to Lightening McQueen) and insisting that we take up all your Christmas trees.

You LOVE our Christmas trees and have been asking for us to put them back up ever since we took them down after last Christmas. We have been telling you how all the leaves have to first fall, and then comes snow. 
When it snows, then we can bring up the Christmas trees. 
And so of course, you expected, in October, to have trees brought up at the first sign of that faithful white fluff. =)

Your Dad and I decided that when it snows the next time we will take up your little tree for your room for you. I’m thinking it would be fun to buy a bag of wrapped candies, string them and have a candy tree.

I’m dreaming of all the trees we could put up in the new house…
In the living room. Between the dining room and kitchen, or on the screen porch. In the basement living area. On the loft landing. It will be so beautiful! =)

God does what He says He will do. Even what seems impossible. He gave us you. He healed Steve M. There is nothing that God cannot do. Nothing. =)