Zeek loves science.

Especially science that includes concoctions.

This kit came with all kids of good stuff.

With instructions and ingredients for some very interesting results.

Like Proto-Plasmic Slime, Thermo-Chrimic Matter,
and Magneto-Goo...

which Zeek named "Robert"...

and talked to like it was a pet. :)

Let's not forget Moon-Snail Slime...

which didn't get a name, but made this science time super 
gooey + messy = FUN

Never a dull moment around here. :)


Valentines Day

We were never big Valentines Day people, 
until last year when "love" became kind of a big deal in our family. 

Now, we don't need a special holiday for mushy gushy displays of love around our house. 
We slow dance every morning, gather at the front door for kissing and hugging and 
waving goodbye when Greg leaves for work - there are always romantic gestures, doors opened, 
and warming of cold bedsides - I always have fresh flowers, the first drink of every coke opened, 
and too much cuddling and sweetness to keep track of. 

So when there's an excuse to get yet crazier about showing our love, WE TAKE IT! 

I woke up to a giant heart shaped box of Seroogy's assorted chocolates 
and cards from both of my sweet guys. 

Zeek and I made tons of decorations throughout the day. 

I made him a "love-ly lunch"…

and he secretly worked on making these standing "LOVE" letters of legos. 

We made cutout cookies and frosted them. 

We made Valentines cards and bought treats and snacks for our Valentines weekend. 

In the middle of the day a florist delivered the biggest bouquet of roses I've ever seen in my life, 
from my sweetheart. :)

And in the afternoon a Pajama Gram was delivered with my name on it. 
My clever Valentine found and bought me these!!!!

The most comfortable, snuggly, warm, adorable "hoodie footies". :)

Once Greg was home from work the real party began.
We had a great family, movie, pizza night, valentines day party, 
and we enjoyed the rest of our weekend together just the three of us, in love. :) 


Ralph Marvin LeBreck

This weekend we got a pet mouse. We had been talking about it for awhile. I think Zeek's interest was spurred on by his love for the Ralph S. Mouse books by Judy Bloom. We have taken turns reading them to him off and on for years. 
Since our hermit crabs died in December (the most boring pets ever), we certainly had room for something new.  

I figured a mouse is a mouse. It will live a short time, die, we will throw it away and move on. 
I've had mice before. No biggie. Much like hamsters.

So, on Saturday, we had plans. My brother Tony came in from Appleton to see the Lego movie with Greg and Zeek, who dropped me off at the mall across the parking lot so I could replenish our household pajama and sock inventory. After the movie, we all went to lunch together, and then we decided to hit the pet store and check out the mice. 
That's where we found Ralph. 

If it weren't for his good looks, we would have just gone to a different pet store. The other mice they had were pretty run of the mill, boring, and Zeek had an all white mouse in mind- of which there was not one. 

But we all noticed Ralph. He was in the wheel, just spinning away. SO pretty and there was just something about him. We ALL wanted him (an agreement like this on a specific pet is rare for us), and so we bought him. I had already purchased food, water bottle and salt block in preparation. We already had dishes, bedding and an aquarium. Greg bought Zeek a small wheel and a mouse fort building set. 

We honestly had no idea (nor did we really care) what Ralph's personality or behavior was. You buy a small rodent, you put it in it's home, you feed, water and clean it's bedding… you don't get to touch them much - they are all pretty nibbling and scurrying. AKA bite and run.

While we were driving home with Ralph, Zeek said so many sweet things we have not heard him say… ever? Like, "I can't believe this is really happening… is there actually a mouse on my lap right now? How can this be real? I'm the happiest kid in the world right now." 

We were pretty surprised by this. We have three of the cutest dogs to walk the planet, and he never got this excited about having them as puppies. 

Once home, we set everything up for Ralph while he chilled out in his cardboard carry-on. Finally, we were able to take him out and put him in his aquarium. From there we started to learn just what we had gotten ourselves into. 

Ralph is the nicest mouse I've ever heard of. He likes to be picked up, cuddled, pet… he is not worried or skittish about anything (including barking or sniffing dogs). He is playful, sweet and very calm. He took ZERO time transitioning. He doesn't run away when we put him down, or try to get away when we hold him in our open hands or on our laps. We can even leave him if we have to use the bathroom or get a snack, etc… 

Zeek has played with him, watched movies with him on his lap or at his side, and pretty much been inseparable from his new mouse since we brought him home. 

Ralph is amazing. He even lets me take his adorable picture… 

Welcome to the family, Ralph.

Somehow, we already love you.



It seems that you have settled into the idea and a better understanding of this adoption journey we are on. I suppose, since we went from the cautious standpoint of talking to you about it as a possibility or an option, to living each day as though we are fully "expecting"…

You are becoming very excited. You had your concerns before you accepted that we are having a child. But now, you've joined right along with us in talking about it just as though he or she is already on their way home. 

Every night we ask God to be with our child who is not with us yet. We pray that they are in a safe, warm, loving place. We ask that God makes Himself known in their hearts - that they will have a burning hope from Him and a foreknowledge of their coming family. 

Everyday, I have to lift all of this up to God- our child, their journey, safety, health, care, the waiting, etc... or I would barely be able to stand this interim time. I spend just as much time handing things over to God as I do dreaming of his or her eyes, hands, hair, voice, heart, hobbies, interests, dreams, learning style, current home and care givers, future in our arms…

Last week you made a blessings list. You numbered it from 1-10. When your Dad and I read it together that night we were beaming with pride, joy, excitement (and my tears).
#7 read, "Soon I will have a brother or sister"

Currently, you are concerned about tattling. You wonder if your sibling will tattle and whine a lot. You ask me about it. I point out the fact that it could turn out to be you who is the whiny tattle-tale, reminding you how often you aimlessly tell on Frank for ever such tiny matters. :) 

You slept at Aunt Pam's house over the weekend, and you did not want to come back home when it was all over. In the car on the way home I asked you what you love so much about being at Aunt Pam's. You said, "there's always someone for me to play with." 
You have made the point that you have no one to play with at home maybe 10 times in your life, but for the first time ever I was able to just smile and tell you in my heart, "just you wait, baby". 

Just we all wait. 
I love waiting with you and your Daddy.