Today we went to Linsey's with X.
She and I folded a lot of laundry. 

Xzavier had never met the kids before, and they loved him to bits. 
He was SO sweet with them. Of course. 
I could see him as a good dad someday - 
some far, far, FAR away day.

I got to get some of my Lu lovin' on.

And X rode a horse for the first time. Like a boss.
Even though this event caused way more drama behind the scenes 
than it was worth. It was good to see him so proud.
When we left he was certain that he was going to 
become a horse owner and ride all the time. 
He loved it.

The three of us went to a late lunch at Red Robins. 
We had good drinks, and not the best food. 

Lesson learned, 
but any time with my boys is a good time. 


My Girls & All Our (not so) Littles

Got to get out with my little group of ladies today-
all four of us, together again since the last week of school.
It was wonderful. 

You got to enjoy swimming with your friends
and soaking up the sun.

I am looking forward to having our last month of summer together 
for these kinds of gatherings with our people. 

As fun as it was to have your cousins,
I've missed this. 


Dropping off and Pickup up

This weekend I drove Kay, Jada and Leo to Ohio, 
almost halfway home, to return them to their Mama. 

The road trip was so good and felt like nothing to me. 
(I was a little worried about making it all in one day) 

And to top it off, I was able to meet with the S family
for a little dinner on my way through Madison, WI.

I'm so excited to be home with my guys, alone - 
really for the first time all summer. 
And the dogs are very pleased to have their mommy back
all to themselves.


Fine Arts Performance Night

You and your cousins had your performances 
and celebration at Church tonight. 

You made the coolest cross in your woodworking class. 
You were the only one who decided it looked too cool unpainted - 
and I couldn't agree more. It's going to look awesome in our house!

Sadly, this is Kaila's last year she will be allowed to participate 
in Fine Arts. She was so proud, as she received the privilege and honor
of being old enough to be in the rocket making class for her final year. 

And my favorite tradition… all the kids running out into the field at sunset
to catch the parachuting rockets as the land after launch.

Another successful year of such a special VBS tradition 
we have all enjoyed together for 4+ years. 


Mama Time

I have been making sure to take care and carve out a little Mama time now and then with a house full of kids and a summer full of go, go, GO! 

Last night, I went to the Farmers Market with a girl friend. 

We stopped for ice cream on our way back from town.  

I've also been sticking with my own personal Bible time, online Womens' Group, 
and the Bible Study in the park with the girls on Wednesdays. 

(a little reading/journaling/breakfast snack at Kavarnas while you guys were at VBS)


Summer Soccer - 2015

You played a great season of soccer this summer. 
You didn't complain about going to practices or games. 
You actually PLAYED the game with your team mates. 
You improved throughout the season, and you enjoyed yourself. 

We are very proud of you, and loved sitting field side twice a week with friends, 
watching you play in the (usually) warm summer afternoons. Congratulations son! 


A Day at Bay Beach

Today, after Fine Arts, we all went to Bay Beach. 

We played in the parks.


Rode the rides.

And my favorite part of the day:
You and Kaila and Jada rode the roller coaster 
too many times to count, while Leo and I 
waited for you at the picnic tables. 

Eventually, you tired of the rides and were hanging out with me and Lee. 
Leo wanted to me to take him over to the toddler rides for some more fun.
I couldn't leave the girls, and YOU OFFERED to take him!!!!!!  

It was so sweet watching you walk into the park with the tickets and the boy,
and even sweeter when we returned to you and you were standing fence side 
keeping a close eye on your tiny responsibility. 
Melt my heart!

We hit up our favorite Burger King for cones on the way home.
It was a really special day.


VBS and Bay Beach

It's HERE! Fine Arts week!!! 

You kids have been loving Fine Arts together for years.

You are looking forward to a week of fun programing,
building, painting, dancing, pom-poming, cooking, eating,
creating, music, and finally, performances!!!

I am looking forward to some one on one time with my Lee!

We are going to go to Bay Beach EVERYDAY.

We have some choo-choo trains to ride! :)


+ 1 = 4

In the past we have had Jada right along with Kaila and Leo. Last year we didn't have Jada at all because she chose to spend her summer time away with her Aunt Jenny (Ninny) in MI. This year, she is doing a little of each. She's been with Ninny for awhile, and today, Ninny brought her to us. 

(Leo loves his Ninny like no other, and it is the sweetest thing)

I'm looking forward to having some girly girl time - maybe some nail paining, some chick flick watching, a little dress up, hair dos, and photo session… Let the fun begin! 


Lee's Baaaaack

Auntie Robin and Uncle Deuce brought Kaila back to us 
and gave us Leo as well last weekend. We are glad to have both home with us. 

Of course Leo has been loving our Thomas the Train set, as always.
You and Kay have been joining him sometimes. 

Even the cat seems to like it. 
(While Chuchi has been chewing on the wooden pieces!)

You have been enjoying having a little company to play with things
you wouldn't normally think to play with anymore.

We finally made our way to the Pizza Hut buffet, 
which has been a favorite tradition for you guys every year.

And of course, our beach! 
Zach joined us for this fun day, 
and the weather couldn't have been better.

Nothing like being lake side in the sand for this mama!

Leo has been very entertaining. 
He loves Ralph, and insists that he's a "wabbit".

The other day he was watching him in his tank when I said,
"Oh, do you love the bunny?"
Leo replied, 
"Him not a bunny. He a wabbit." 

Too much!  


Mr. Golf

Today I took you golfing for your first time ever. 

You are a natural, and we had SO much fun. 
Something I can see us doing for years to come. 
I love to golf.

It happened to be "Restaurant Week", 
and we decided to have lunch out after our game.

We ate at Abravo, and you were in such a good mood from play golf
that you actually ordered and tried some really fun and unusual things.
It was fun.

Then we went biking on some trails on the E. side. 
I'll never forget it and I hope we have more summer days like this to. 


Family Reunion in MI

We had our family reunion on Gra's side over the holiday weekend.

We stayed at our favorite "Inn" at Uncle Pie and Aunt Bobbie's with Gra and Pepere, and Auntie Ducky. It was just right, as always.

You, Daddy, Pepere, Uncle Pie, and Cousins TJ and Donald all cut and hauled the wood for our first huge family bonfire.

It was so nice to see so much family in one place, together. 

Gra has a VERY big family.

You have A LOT of cousins. 

We got to take you to the Breakers. 

It has been closed for years,
but to my delight and surprise it is opened again! :)

You fell in love and wanted to go every single day we were in MI.

We made sure to take you a few times.
Uncle loved the Breakers, too.

You, Gra and I went to the quarry you climbed the last time we were in MI. 

You climbed ALL the way to the top this time. 
I was a little nervous and prayed a lot that you would be okay.

We had a day at the Beach with nearly everyone who came.
We ate, played, visited, and got some group pictures.

It was a nice time.

One of the days were were there, you, Daddy, Gra, Pepere and I 
went on an adventure to explore the UP. 

We drove on a long, very rough trail through the woods 
at the end of Highway 41N.

We also enjoyed the coast of Lake Superior.

Even though we all look very happy in this picture, 
you might remember that Mom and Dad weren't getting 
along so well on this day during this trip. 

I love that we are a close little family who takes good care
no matter what our moods or attitudes are like. :)

On our last day there was a morning race and run 
sponsored by Gra and Pepere for anyone who wanted participate.

You were the only one of the several kids who ran 
the entire way with all the adults. 

It was a great morning for a run/walk with family, 
and a great time to head back and get to our own home and beds.