smaller. prettier. less.

Ezekiel asked us yesterday if we can please buy a house that is smaller, prettier, and less functional. We found that quite amusing, but at the same time, understood exactly what he meant. Yes.

Yes. Yes. Yes. 

That is what we want. 
A home with less. Less rooms to fill, clean, and maintain. Less space to live between us. Less cost and stuff, time and work. Less of all of that, and more time and space for love, laughter, learning, gathering, resting and resting. 

A prettier home. Each small space a reflection of us. Formed and created into the beautiful things we appreciate and enjoy looking at and living among...

A home not solely about form and function - not using the space because there's so much, but finding so much life in the space we have. A new place for building a new life with new memories. A frest start. Surely easier to afford, clean, and maintain.

Getting this home ready to hand off to the next owners has made me realize how easy it can be to target each room and area, making it just so - from trim and outlets, color and fixtures, style and function... With each room in this house I am getting more and more excited to get my hands on the next! 

Thank You God for all of these hopes and dreams. I can see how we can make anything into something beautiful and special to us. I am looking forward to sitting in each room with You - knowing You've known and have the foresight to guide in a way that we are unable to understand. I trust You. I love you. 



Acres of Fun

Today I did some more painting in the house - just repainting trim and molding to look fresh and nice for the next owners.

Zeek and I snuck out for another awesome Spanish class at Lisa's house. Then home for a quick lunch and out to the yard. We worked picking up fallen branches and burning them for three hours! That was twice the time I expected it to take. But it was lovely. Temps in the mid 50's, sun shining bright - I enjoyed every minute with him, and our property, fully aware this could be one of the last times we do this to this magnitude together. Certainly on this property anyway.  

Ezekiel was an amazing help! He pulled his own weight outside, lightening my workload. 

When we finished the big stuff we rewarded ourselves with a little trip to Culvers. Yuki joined us. We picked up gas for the leaf blower. Once home, Zeek put the wooden deck chairs on the deck from the shop for me and called it. 
I finished the yard with the leaf blower, including cleaning out the dog pen from the whole winter of doo-doo. It took me half the time I expected (about 1.5 hours) and it felt great to have it finished. 

I thought of them off and on today. The next people who get to stay here. Unlike the last house we sold, which I was kind of sorry for the buyers because of where we were moving to instead, this house and land is just such a beautiful blessing. Knowing what it feels like to wake up here everyday, to the views and wildlife, the peace and quiet, the luxuries and so much space - I'm excited for who ever ends up here. I can imagine how much they will love it, like we have. 

I want to do, fix, make and leave everything just right for them. 

God, whoever they are who gets to live in this place next, I pray that they are being prepared in the individually unique way that only You can orchestrate. I pray that You will make their journey hear easy and stress free. Bless them in all the same ways that you have blessed me here. To see You in ways I never knew You were here, and to hear you in the peace and stillness. 

Bless us with our own peaceful journey to the next home you have for us. Help us to stay the course with You and only You. Let the doors open leading to Your plans, and close tight the doors that lead away from what You have for us. 

We are so excited to see! It's so great to know that You already know it. 
Thank You God. It's all been amazing, and so will our future be. 
In Jesus name. 

Moving Right Along

The last time we did this I wasn't writing. I had taken a year off of blogging our life, and don't have anything about the journey kept anywhere but in my heart and memory. 

This time I'm compelled to keep something - 

So here we are, packing our belongings. Packing in hopes, with plans to move. 
We haven't quite listed this dreamy Partridge Lane resort on the market yet, but we are nearing that time. We are stretching and checking that we have what we'll need, that we'll be in the right position when the gun fires. Ready, set, go. 

So far we have been slowly letting go of any and everything we don't see placing in our next home. A LOT has been let go of. We gave almost all of your remaining toys to another homeschool family. Our Goodwill drop off location knows us all too well. We have also sold a lot of the bigger stuff that wasn't coming with us. It feels better to be free of it than it is sad to see it go. Maybe it feels like molting.

Yesterday, I painted the basement ceiling. We boxed up what you're taking with you from your old bedroom, down the hall from your current bedroom, across the hall from your other bedroom... so many rooms here. I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store for your spaces in the next house. Will there be a large bedroom where all of your media and tech stuff can join your bed, books and clothes? Or will you have a sleeping room and a playing area again? 
Only God knows. And that's enough for me to be excited for whatever it is. 

Last night we helped Greg pack his office up. It felt very real looking at the boxes with piled up with his name on them. I wondered about how he will feel leaving this house. He doesn't love change so much and he's still nostalgic about our last home. 

I on the other hand, have been moving out of this house for months in my head and heart. Saying good bye to the things I love, and even the few things I won't miss. I've palmed the trunks of my favorite trees, gave God praise for that fresh spring, lime green, curly, soft moss covering... everything. I will miss the moss. 

Ezekiel talked about being nervous to move. He shared how he has been here in this house for over half his life. It's natural to be a little anxious about such a move. 
But he also talked earlier of being a little bit lonely. And that is the truth. He doesn't even know how lonely and isolated he is out here. Beautiful, peaceful, and sacred as this place is, it does not lend itself to a daily dose of interaction, even with one another on account of the square footage. 

I think to the future and pray for our next house to be surrounded by people. I pray that God will continue to mold us and teach us how to love every one of them. I pray that the kids come to our house, and feel safe, and full. I pray that we can provide a warm and welcoming, open haven where souls come to rest and enjoy peace and God's ever-present love. 

I've heard that young growing-into-a-man of mine remember what it was like when we used to live like that. God don't let that have been the only season of our lives with so much life and love. 

God thank You for these four years of quite solitude. Thank You for making a way for all the reflection and growth. As we lean forward in trust with hearts to serve You, lead us right to the place You have for us - right where we can join your great commission - right where we can live the next season of our life as a family in honor to You and all You are. 
In Jesus name.