DC in Dec '12

  We went to Door County for the week after Christmas. 

I took the three dogs to Uncle Jeff's center,
where they were royally pampered with an entire room set aside just for them
and tons of day time play dates with all the other dogs.

We had an awesome time.
We went to the Wild Tomato for the first time. 

We went to Hand's On Art.

Your Dad made a bowl. 

I made you a space cat plate.

You made Mea a new cat bowl. 

 One of the guys at the studio offered to take our photos for us. 

It was very nice of him. 

We made good memories

and it's awesome to have pictures of it, too. 

I'm so glad we have DC
and all the years of going on our little vacations
to the same getaway, the same restaurants,
the same beach, and studio, sights and sounds.

It's such a blessing.



Our Christmas was awesome.

We were together, with Uncle Tony,
at our own house.

The gifts were piled up under the tree,
some from family and friends on Christmas Eve,
and some from your Dad and me on Christmas day.

You and your Dad spoiled me with some very special gifts. 
Things I will hold dear all my life and never forget.

You loved opening your gifts.

Of course, there were cats,

and bristle blocks (per your request),

more sea monkeys, and some awesome new 
prehistoric sea monsters you can grow yourself!

And more cats!

But among everything you received there was one 
thing that was surely your favorite...

FINALLY, you got your Nerf guns!

You LOVE them, and all their amo,
and the vest Uncle got you to go with them.

We love them too.

You may never know how special it was
for us to all be together this Holiday.

Together, was the best way we could have possibly been.

And your Dad and I got just what we hoped for this Christmas. 



Christmas Day at Nanna and Pupa's

We got to share Christmas with your two new cousins!
Michael's new brother and sister Evan and Abby. 
You really like them.
They are great kids!

Nanna and Pupa got you the big Lego mining set
you have wanted your "whole life", as you stated 
upon opening the gift. :)

We had such a fun day playing 
that we didn't even leave to back home until after dark!

Many of the us played in the living room 
with Abby's new kareoke machine.

You, Michael, Even, your Dad, and Uncle Chad
mostly played football in the basement on the XBox. 

It was an awesome and very memorable day. :)


Family Christmas Gathering

Again, not too many photos of this event.

We had our Christmas gathering with the Robinson family.

It was nice for your Dad and I to see our cousins, 
now that everyone is spread out and moved away.

It was especially nice for you and your new cousin Evan
to have some time alone together to get to know each other,
one on one.

Much to our surprise and delight, you were inseparable.
Evan and his sister Abby, are SUCH nice kids, 
and we're so glad to welcome them to our family. 

You, of course, wanted to go home to Nanna's with Evan
to play some more. 
So, we agreed to let you sleep over there,
while your Dad and I went out for the night with 
your Aunt Kim and new Uncle Chad.

It was so nice to be with our family.



Children's Museum

Your Dad and I took you to the new Children's Museum in town.

It was a special time for us.
A first in a lot of ways. 

I only have a couple of photos from my phone.

You and I made ornaments for their tree.

I never want to forget this time we shared.
You in the light house while your Dad and I 
communicated to you from the boat.
Holding hands.
All the holiday stations.
The water play you did not want to leave... 

I love you, son.


Snow Elf - Night 13

It took us a super long time to find 
Spark Fredo today. 

He turned up in the garage freezer hanging out
with his cute little snowman friend! 


Elf Fredo - Night 12

Our little friend had a fun evening of building a puzzle,
eating OUR Christmas cookies, 
and drinking hot cocoa out of his adorable tiny snowman mug.

You were glad to finish the new puzzle for him.

And glad the frame was already completed...
that's always the hardest part. 



Spark Fredo - Night Ten

Today, we found Spark Fredo waiting on the couch,
all set for a morning Holiday movie.

There was the movie Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer,
a coloring and activity book,
and a bag of pop corn. 

With no school for the next three weeks, I'm thinking 
more mornings like this will be in order!



Sparky - Night Eight

Well, it's settled then...

we picked ourselves one sneaky, mischievous, little elf.

And December's not long enough.


Spark Fredo - Night Seven

This morning we woke to yet another Elf-surprise. 

I guess Sparky didn't know that Toilet Papering 
is for the OUTDOOR trees!

What a goofy Elf.

You also had a gift bag from St. Nanna
FILLED with awesome Christmas stuff.

My favorite are the glasses 
that make all Christmas lights look like snowmen!
We need some more of these, for sure. :)