christmas party

I like hosting little celebration gatherings at our house with you. It's so fun to see you with your homeschool friends and families enjoying the festivities of the different seasons and holidays together. 


This time we played Christmas music, 

had yummy Christmas themed treats,  



made photo ornaments, gift tags, and a snowman paper-doll, 


read Christmas and winter stories,


Next up...
Valentines Day! :) 

jolly old st. nicholas

Since we've watched and enjoyed the Veggie Tales St. Nicholas movie this holiday season I have been less hateful of dressed up santa clauses around every corner, and I am viewing it more as a symbol reminding us of what St. Nicholas stood for and how giving is an important part of our lives.

Hence, I have forced, shoved, and even bribed you into the laps of every Sant-y we've come across. (It's turned out the guy is nearly everywhere!)


You are NOT happy about this. You've always known the truth about him, and you're not exactly one to sit on a strangers lap... or talk to them... or look at them. 

But you'll do just about anything for candy since you rarely see the likes of it. 
And Angry Cat is always happy to lead the way...


I've even gone so far as to shave time off a pending consequence in your room. Hey, it worked!

My favorite santa story has been when you told the santa at snips and giggles you wanted a toy airplane for Christmas. Our conversation following went like this:

Me: so did he ask you what you want for Christmas?
You: (disgruntled) yes. 
Me: did you tell him?
You: (more disgruntled) yes.
Me: what did you say? 
You: an airplane... but don't think about it Mom. I don't really want one. I just said it so I could get off that guy's lap and get my candy cane. 

HA! I love it. 
You really crack me up sometimes. 


lights out

Before I head to bed for the night I come up and check on you, take your books out of your bed and turn off your reading light. 
It's not uncommon to find you with a book laying on your face or over the top of you.
But this night was particularly special...

lights out

I love how your hand and the page were suspended in mid-turn as if sleep brought on pause to the whole universe. :) 


door county dec. '10

We all needed it.
Our little winter Door County getaway.

So we went.

We did not stay in the condo we normally do.
We rented one at High Point Inn.


And impressively, it was a "high point". 

We loved our stay.

We did our traditional winter things.

Loads of library books.



Our favorite delicious indulgences.


Whirlpool tub-ing.


Our family picture spot.


(kindly enough, your Dad did not drop me this year)


And the not so traditional...


On our third evening we decided to pack up a day early
and head home to avoid driving through the coming snow storm.

In fact, we ended up driving through the ONLY snow storm we got.
In the dark. :)
It was fun, though. 
And we were SO ready and happy to be home, as always. 

I did not take many photos. 
I did video record things here and there along the way though,
like last year. 
I have yet to edit it. 


The title of this place has certainly seen it's changes over the years. Before you were born it was babyyum.com. That was because of the nick name, "yum yum", when you were in my belly. babyyum was transfered to paper and put in your piggy books for you.

After you were born I changed the address to babyzeek.com, documenting the first three years of you.
Then, for awhile I went private and only wrote about you in a hidden word document that I have been slowly adding to the beginning of this space. 

When I decided to go public again, a little over a year ago, you were no longer a "babyzeek.com". I prayerfully chose abundantlife.com led by a scripture I felt that God was giving me over and over in my quest to find answers about what He was permitting for me.

And now, another change with keepingzeek.com.
This latest change is about separating my personal stuff from your "scrapblog" as I'm feeling more and more inclined to journal my journey online, as well.

The name was easy to come up with. As I hope to keep up with your document for you, keep your space light and fun saving it from all my personal stuff, while we try to keep "up with" you, the one we do get to keep... it just is what it is: 


One of my all time favorite things to do in every one of those ways. :)  


here and there...

Please pray for God's continued guidance in the unfolding of these web-journals. I believe things are coming along, but I am stepping cautiously and carefully with a heart to remain in His Will only. 


multitude monday

Philippians 4:6-7 
"do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, 
through prayer and petition in thanksgiving present your requests to God. 
And the peace of God that transcends all understanding 
will guide your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus."

Counting ways of gratitude in:

the lingering love and memories of a thanksgiving just spent with 
my favorite people to holiday with


the budding and (God) direction of our own little family traditions, 
12 years in the making

a Christmas wrapped and sealed before Dec. 1st 

an almost no school month ahead

a calendar sprinkled with winter fun ~ of plans we've never had time for in past years

by ben

whispers turned bold

the obedience blessing of a free jesse tree advent book and ornaments,
followed with more obedience, followed with more blessings


a "Christmas Change"... this season filled with gifts of love given to those 
in need from our fully blessed family, immediate and extended (praise God)

an angry cat with a long lost anxious twin, 
and the laughter incomparable to any I've heard


my little man's sweet love words 
"you're too cute for comfort... 
so cute I can't stand it... 
get over here and give me some louvin' mea-mea..."

for church out - to Church inside 

and whoever else so thoroughly obeys His commission. 
constantly changing me.

the immeasurable security in trusting Father

lights and Light

our blue blanket

ticking time to remind that time is ticking

dream theater's a change of seasons

the library and their incredible online ordering system

the Christmas tree branches, laid natural and filling with 
his toys and our jesse tree ornaments each day 


Finally a simple, peaceful, quiet december to face God 
and await the Jesus who then came and is coming again!