My Little Bug Has a Bug

Today you are sick with your first stomach flu. I'm amazed that this is also the first time you've ever thrown up in your entire life. Seven and a half years old!  

You've only thrown up twice. The first time, alone in the shower. You were such a trouper. You called, "MOM COME!" afterward. I just knew by the sound of your voice (along with the fact that you hadn't touched dinner and complained of a tummy ache) that you had gotten sick. And then once in the middle of the night when you woke up, downed a glass of water, and then didn't feel so well until it came back up. You are so thirsty, and I'm sorry that you can't keep your water down yet. 

You are so cute, asking me how many times I think you will have to throw up. How long will the flu last. Do I think you might not throw up anymore. Will your pop make you sicker? Why does it happen like this, or like that? 

You are so sweet. You are sleeping with us, of course. You have a little fever of about 101.2 right now. I just got out of bed at about 1:30am to clean the house for our showing tomorrow night. I know that there's a chance I will get sick from you, and I really don't want to have to cancel the appointment. I have a good feeling about this one! :)

I'm all done cleaning now, I did my prayer and Jesus time, and now I'm ready to climb back in bed with you for some more house hunters and sleeping the day away. 

I love you baby boy. You're so sweet and strong. 

Love, Meam


Spring is Here???

Maybe. It sure is taking its time this year. 

Today, we got out of the house to meet with our new-ish friends, 
Ashley and her four kids at WLS. It feels like we haven't been there in a year!
It was so nice out. 55 degrees, and we were able to walk all around outside. 

You really liked spending time with Ashley's two oldest kids, 
Malayna and Myleigh. They are a great match with you. 
We were there for hours, and it was SO much fun.

You and I went a little early so we could have a little picnic lunch together, 
but it was a little too cool out at first, 
so we stayed in the front of the pilot and ate. 
It was much more fun! You loved being in the front by me. 
You asked if it was fun to sit in the front all the time. 
And you learned all about how to work the seats. 

This afternoon we had another showing on the house. 
We loaded the car up with us and all the animals 
and headed to Moe's for an hour. 
We ate tacos in the car with the windows open. 
It was fun. 

I will never forget these days, while we are selling our home, 
staying out of it to keep it clean, packing all of us in the car, 
Frank, Apple, Yuki AND the cat!!! Praying together, waiting and hoping. 

Tonight's showing was very promising. 
The people liked it a lot and are moving forward in the process 
sending the questions they have through their realtor to ours, etc...

We're in no hurry, but it sure is fun to show off our beautiful home! 

When we got home, you and me and Apple went outside 
for some scooter racing fun. You have me commentate your "races". 
I have to name your opponents. 
I just use famous peoples' names so I can remember them, 
and you think I'm a genius for thinking up such cool names so easily. 
Like, Jack Black, Ricky Ricardo, and Stunt man Steve. :) 

When you finish a race I interview you a little for the post race show... 
it's so fun and cute. 

Now, you are watching your Daddy play Fourtsa Four (or something like that).
He doesn't play video games often, but he needed to shut his brain off tonight. 

It's time for me to tuck you in with your pug for the night. 
Tomorrow is supposed to be 60 degrees! 
We will try to see Gwin before our play at the W Center at 12:30, 
and then we have another showing to get the pets out of the house by 2:45! Should be fun. 


Like a Teen

The last couple of days you have been playing a lot. You are a little much like a teenager too soon, with wanting to go in your room and "hang out". You brink Yuki (you've made her a little princess bed), your iPad for movies and audio books, and your never ending Geronimo Stilton chapter books. 

Your room is so cute (cluttered). You have all your swords, guns, tiny clay sculptures, and homemade pretend match sticks are being displayed throughout the room. 

Our house is now officially on the market, and we already have two showings. One of them being this afternoon. You stayed up late with your Dad and me to clean and ready the rest of the rooms. It was so much fun. We are excited to be entering the next chapter of our lives together. :) 



Today was gloomy and raining outside, but you and your Dad were my sunshine, inside. 

You whizzed through school like nothing. 2.5 hours flat. Done. You're too smart for second and third grade curriculum. :) 

We were blessed to go and pick up Grant from school. He hit his head and needed to go home for the day. 

Then we had lunch and did a little gaming. We do love to play video games. It's kind of nice, because I've always loved video games, but I thought that I would have to give them up when I had kids. On the contrary. Now, I just have to be sure to keep it balanced so we don't all turn into computers. 

We have known that we will have to find a new home for Mea for awhile now. We are all so allergic, and she is stuck in a single room most of the time now. She's such a good cat. 

I kind of thought that Uncle Tony would just take her, since his second cat, China, passed away leaving her sister Lita, with no companion. But we found out today that Uncle isn't comfortable having another cat with Lita because she hasn't reacted well to other cats in her old age. 

So, we are on the hunt for a good home for her. We already found a couple of good options today. So that is good. 

We also did some more work on looking for the right buyers for Gwin. 

It is hard to consider letting go of some of our pets like this (and your Dad's motorcycle), but it is going to be so good for all of us. We all have to let go of something in order for us to be free to move forward with our plan. 

This afternoon, you and Apple and Frank played outside for a couple of hours. Your Dad and I talked and danced and watched you out the windows. Your Dad played guitar for me, and we ate dinner together. 

We had to call you in for a shower and bed. It was getting late. We snuggled into your bed. I read more babyzeek.com to you. Then we turned on Geronimo Stilton Audio books, and I fell asleep with you for about 20 minutes! 
We are all very tired. 

I'm off to snuggle in with your Dad and get some sleep. 

I love you baby boy. 


A Good Man

Today, we woke up and all snuggled in bed looking at some more homes for rent online. It's fun to look, and it brings peace to the plan when we find better and better options of places we can live when we sell our house. 

Then you had some cereal and played on your iPad. Your Dad and I had breakfast together. Meatball sandwiches and green drinks. :)

We bummed around the house for a couple hours. You played toys, your Dad did some lessons on the computer stuff he's learning right now, and I cleared out over half of our kitchen belongings for our coming area rummage sale. It was fun to get rid of things thinking of moving and downsizing. It's amazing what we still had that we didn't need after all the purging we do. 

At about 12:45 we headed out for the Monster Truck show at the Resch Center in town. It was awesome! You loved it, and it was another first for all of us! None of us have ever been to a Monster Truck show!

After the show we were on our way home when we got a flat tire! I was so glad your Dad was with us. He changed the tire to the spare, but then IT popped about another quarter of mile down the road! 

We were only a few miles from our house, but we had to call our tow guy. After I got off the phone with him, a man from a Tire company stopped to help us. So, we called off the tow guy. This good man fixed our spare tire and declared the original blown tire, totaled. He followed us to our first turn off the main road, and then he checked the spare to be sure it wasn't losing air. We were all set to go, and he would not let us pay him. 

We got his card, and talked about that man's goodness all evening. 
He had a real impact on us. Your Dad said he didn't even know there were still good people like that in the world. How sad that no one has ever been good to your Dad like that. :(

One good deed can give a man hope. It can change everything for someone. 
I hope you never forget that. I hope we raise you to be a good man like the man who helped us today. 

I love you son. 



Today we went to BFR for breakfast. You had two poached eggs, an english muffin and hollandaise sauce. You get it this way because you don't like the ham. They bring it all separate for you so you can build it yourself. You and your Dad have been going there for breakfast on Saturdays for about a year. 

After breakfast we went to Woodmans to get groceries for the week. Your Dad let you buy some things that we wouldn't have normally bought. i.e. a "flavored" apple in a bag??? :) 

Then we went home to meet Jaymee. Aunt Julie dropped her off to play for the afternoon. I tried my hand at some homemade chicken nuggets. I used ground turkey. Rolled it out like cookie dough with water on the counter and rolling pin. Then I used an egg shaped cooking cutter to make the shapes. Dipped the cutouts into flour, then egg, then panko. Put them on a baking sheet and popped in the oven for 10 minutes. Healthy and scrumptious. You hated them. Everyone else loved them. 

We all went to look at a cute house that your Dad and I found for rent in town. It's in a really cute neighborhood with a park right across the street, and is so adorable and perfect for us. It's a three bedroom, one bathroom, beautiful hardwood floors in every room but kitchen and bath with tile. It has a finished basement and an awesome finished attic. Tons of character. It also has the sweetest wooden-fenced-in backyard. We all loved it. 

The best part was a surprise to us. The owners told us that they would prefer for us to have ALL three of our dogs there than to have us farm out Apple for our three years before we leave!!! We did NOT expect that. So awesome. I know that God knows just where we will be, but this place would sure be nice. 

At home, you and Jay played some more, and then A. Julie picked her up around 4p. Now, we are all snuggling in bed on our computers watching HGTV. :) 

You are about to empty the dishwasher (begrudgingly, no doubt) and then take a bath. I am going to shower and snuggle in with your Daddy for a movie. He's not feeling great tonight. 

It was a good day. Hope-filled and exciting! I can't wait to get further into our new adventure. 



Today was a long day. First thing this morning I spent a few hours getting the house ready for our realtor, Steve, to come and assess things for our listing. Then, right before he got here I had time to make you some special pancakes for breakfast. Donut pancakes with icing and sprinkles. You loved them. 

After Steve left, you and I went to see Gwin. She was sweet and wooly. I groomed her while you played. Then I turned her out, chatted with Gwen a little, and we headed home to clean up. 

Then you and I went bowling at The Gutter for a couple hours. You had a cheese burger. You complained about the unusual (sub) bun, but ate most of it. You had french fries and root beer. You won the first game and I won the second. It was fun. I love watching your cute little fingers, skinny arms and legs, fumbling and figuring the ball, lane and those slippery dipprey shoes. So cute. 

After our games we went home to your Daddy. Your favorite babysitter, Alyssa came to watch you, while your Dad and I went out to dinner at Chives. It was nice to get out and have some time alone, not to mention the delicious food. 

When we got home I went upstairs to check on you. You were in bed reading and listening to a different audiobook. I snuggled and tucked you in. 

We did a lot for one day, and I'm exhausted. Tomorrow is Saturday!!! We get to have your Daddy for two days, all to ourselves! :)

I love weekends. 

Day to Day

I have been reading BabyZeek.com to you again. It's so good. It's funny how I used to write about our days. Specifically, what we did. When you napped, what I cleaned, ate, etc... 
It's not that I'd like to do that ALL the time, but it's nice to look back and remember what a day in the life of our younger selves looked like. I can actually remember doing little things, like they were yesterday, when brought to memory in reading about it. 

So, I'm going to commit to doing some daily writing, just about our regular stuff for a while. I think it will be good for us to look back on, later. :)