A Day with Gwin at Gwen's

Today was beautiful outside!

You and I headed over to be with Gwin at about 11a. 
I let the three horses out to pasture for about 30 minutes.

We had a little lunch in the Jeep while we watched the horses, 
and then I told you to come with me to shag them off the pasture. 
I closed the door to the Jeep just as I looked down at the locked lock inside. 

So, we played with Gwin a little. 
Then at about 1p I called Gwen to see if she was near, and she was not. 
I called Miss Teri to see if she was near, and she was not, either. 
So, we decided to walk home so we could eat and play before someone came 
around who could drive us back to the Jeep with the key.

We had such a great adventure! 
Thankfully we booth had our boots on, because we did NOT take the roads. 
We cut straight through the acres between our place and Gwen's. 
It was so fun. 

We hiked up, down, through woods, across tilled fields, over a creek! 

It reminded me of when I was a kid and would go off exploring in the woods.

It took us about 45 minutes to get home. We did some stuff around the house, 
ate and were back at the farm, thanks to Gwen by 3:45p.

I groomed and saddled Gwin. 
Then I led her with you on her out to the hills behind Gwen's house. 
We switched, and I rode her up and down the tree hill three times 
while you played in the yard. Then we headed back to the round pen. 
I rode her a bit over the poles, trotting and walking. 
Then I led you around on her quite a bit.

I un-saddled her, groomed her out and turned her out to pasture with her new friends.
We headed home for dinner and family night. 

It was a good day. 


Moving Gwin

We moved Gwin today. 

We had her trailered to a private horse stables about 1.5 miles from our house. 

All went smoothly, and we are very happy to have her so close to home. 

madison horse fair

We went to the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI last weekend. 

We left early on Friday morning and made it to the first presentation by 9am. 
You sat very nicely thought Parelli's Seven Games.

Then you scarfed down a pretzel between shows. 
Next, we went to a presentation about gating and biting horses. 

After that show we went to the Juniors beginning roping show. 
You really liked that. There were little kids riding their horses, learning to rope. 
But you were hungry.
So we left that show early for some lunch!

After lunch we went shopping at the expo. 
There were LOTS of vendors. 
 We bought our stuff and headed out for the night.

We stayed with Miss Emily and family. 
The first night you all played and watched a movie upstairs. 

The next day it was outdoors, backyard play, walking, going to the park,
and then you and I left for the Horse Fair again at about 5pm. 

We got in for the Epic Night of the Horse show with plenty 
of time to spare. We got hotdogs for you.
Then, we hooked up with my Aunt Judy, 
Uncle Terry and their daughters. 
We got to visit awhile, and then it was too our seats! 

The show was AMAZING. 
You loved every second of the three hour
no intermission, action packed, horse filled show.

When it was about half through you turned to me and 
asked if it was over. 
When I told you no, you surprised me and responded, 
"whew... good!"

On the return ride to Emily's house you said from the backseat, 
"I've never known what to say when people ask me
what I want to be when I grow up. Now I know what to say:

Then next day you and the boys played soccer. 
The mama's visited and made a fun snack lunch.

Then we went to the boys soccer games at the park. 

I could tell you had enough of being around so 
many other kids for so long.
You were reaching for some alone time
and some mama time, too.
We got to cuddle, take a run together, and watch
the games from the side lines. 
It was fun.

After the games we all went to a place called 
AJ Bombers, where they drop peanuts on you
from little "bombers" overhead. 

We had some DELICIOUS food and drinks. 
Then we said our good byes.

I wrote our names on the wall "Nibs + Mama" and showed you in secret. 

It was the perfect ending to such a great weekend with friends
and at the Horse Fair. 
We returned home safe and sound late that evening, 
SO ready to see our horse first thing in the morning! 


Horse Days

Of course, we've been busy playing with Gwin
on our one month vacation from homeschool.

We've been enjoying the weekdays with no one else around at the stables. 

You've been doing some basic ground work of your own. 

You've also started to prefer wearing jeans everyday, 
even if we aren't going to the stables! :)

We took Jaymee to meet Gwin. 

She really liked her, and even rode by herself. 
She is a natural! 

You are coming along very nicely in your lessons. 
Linda has moved you to Wednesday mornings 
for private lessons, and it's worked out great. 

You're becoming a regular little cowboy right before my eyes. 
I love it! 


The Knees

Yup. It happened. First time. 
It wasn't your bike - it was a scooter spill.
But painful and momentous none-the-less. 

I had to get a photo to post for you. 
It was a couple weeks ago, so they've healed up by now. 
But this was the sad scene. 

My baby.
I was so proud for you.
A sure sign of a real childhood. 

Easter in Door County

We went to Door County for four days over Easter.

Of course, that means we went to Al Johnson's for breakfast every morning. :)

We did a lot of fun celebration things for Easter, too. 
These are the bees you made with the play dough you got as one
of your hidden gifts around the condo. (We accidentally left your 
toy chest packed and ready to go at home)

You and Sarita colored and decorated eggs.

You also had a resurrection egg hunt with an Easter story following. 
Your Dad and I made and hid easter baskets for you and Sarita. 

And we filled almost 150 plastic eggs with candy, jokes, and love notes for you. 
Sarita and I hid them all around the condo and outside while you and your Dad were out.

Then you hunted them out, with Sarita following you around with the collection bag.

 It was lots of fun!

I was grateful for the time away as a family. 
It was relaxing, fun filled, and Christ centered. 

The Wedding

I'm a little behind on this because of all the consuming horse action, 
but you attended your first wedding a couple of weeks ago. 

It was my cousin Amy who was married.
And the icing on the cake was that we were able to 
spend some time with many of my Mom's family members; 

my Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, and their kids. 

It was really wonderful. 

I was so looking forward to this wedding. 

I go to lots of weddings alone, because of my photography.
But I rarely get to be at a wedding with my own family 
where I can just relax and enjoy the day as a guest.

I also couldn't wait for you to have some time with my Cousins' kids,
your second cousins. 

I especially couldn't wait to see you do that cute little thing
that kids always do on the dance floor after dinner and cake.

You did not disappoint!  

You really liked my Cousin Cindy's son, Brayden.
The two of you danced the night away!


 On the ride home we were so grateful to have been there.
The whole event was filling and good for all of us. 


More Things I Walk in on

You'll only be this small for so long.


Yuki came in with a message around her neck.

The message read:

This message system was all too quickly replaced with the new
and exciting homemade ninja spy equipment. 

Pictures coming soon.