Pure Love

I think most people tend to imagine that kids are the only ones growing up. But the truth is parents are still growing up too, right alone side their kids. All your life you have been growing up with me, the same way I remember growing up with my Dad when I was a kid. 

When you were younger it was simpler, even fun, to watch you take each new step and make strides. There was an ease and excitement to all your first firsts. It was awesome to see everything new through you. Exploring everything again, while learning who you were becoming - how and why and what you made of each experience. I know you almost as good as I know myself.

I remember being known like that by my Dad who made it his business to watch me, the way I've been privileged to watch you all these years. 

Back then, for me there was nothing like being known the way my Dad knew me. I think it's what bonded me to him in a different way than anyone else in my life. There were times when I would get lost and he would be the only one who could guide me back to where I left off. He taught me to never lead a person where you want them to go, but to hand them the tools to find their own way. 
By the time I was your age I was allowed to be me - taught, corrected, and guided, but never a product. 

Now that it's you and me, I know what drove my Dad to do what he did, the way he did it - Pure Love 

There is nothing like watching you grow and getting to know you everyday. 

And it's amazing that God feels the same way about us. 
He did what He did for us the way that He did it out of Pure Love. 
And to Him, there is nothing like watching us grow into all the things He made a way for us to become, in Him. 

Lately, I feel like the steps you are taking are bigger and thicker than the ones you made as a little boy. It seems that each decision during this part of your upbringing requires more attention and intention. There's more pressure and fear to be a wise and skillful parent now than ever before. 

I've told you that this isn't an easy job that came with a manual. I've told you how your Dad and I will make mistakes, but that we're trying our best because it is the most important thing we will ever do. I've told you that we wouldn't stand a chance if it weren't for God and His perfect plan. He knows full well that we will all mess this all up either way, yet He still makes it His business to raise us up to be with Him anyway. 

That's Pure Love. And we trust God so much. We know that He gave you to us, and that He knew every single thing we would encounter together as a family - every choice we would each make - how it would effect us - and most amazingly, God knows exactly what He will do with all of it to make good!
So when any of us screws up, He uses it to grow us. And when any of us gets it right, He uses it to grow us. And on and on we will continue to grow - right next to each other, in Him. 

And it's all Pure Love, sweetheart. 
Love, Mom


A Nice Day

Yesterday was fun! We snuggled in the morning - giggling and tickling and I believe I rolled you right out of bed in the end. :) 

We ate pancakes with strawberries and syrup. Then we dove into our school day. You soared through math with the greatest of ease. We did every other word problem on calculator, and the opposite problems on paper. Then we enjoyed our new Language Arts book which is so cute and fun. It's a little review-ish, but I just love the way it explains things, and that we are learning (or at least newly understanding) things we never knew before - review as it may be! We read two history chapters, did the review at the end for the week, and we did one Chemistry assignment. We are on our last chapter of our Jesus Story Book Bible! After that, you went off to do your Spanish, piano, and this weeks Historical Figure Brag Page on Edgar A. Poe (I learned from you NOT to refer to him as Edgar "Allen" Poe, because he did not like that middle name). 

I had a haircut appointment and some quick errands to run. You stayed home, finished school, and played video games. 

You are still in charge of your own video game time, and it is still a success! You are being very responsible about it, and your Dad and I are proud and appreciative. 

When I sheepishly returned home with 4 inches of hair cut off my head, I was worried how you would react. You did not want me to get one inch removed. But you took one look at me and said, "awww, mommy. you look pretty!" 

Whew! All is well. 

Then you and I went outside. I read from my lounge chair in the sun next to your trampoline, while you jumped and jumped - and did tricks. 

Later, you let me sit pretzel-legged on the trampoline while you bounced me. It was SO fun. I did not pee. ;) 

In the house we got ready for your Dad to get home from work. I made dinner. We had burgers and  homemade curly fries. 

Finally, we all settled in our spots, watched our shows and relaxed before bed. 

It was a really nice day. 
I love you. 


The (precious) Life of (my sweet) EggRol

You enjoy reading this blog. A couple weeks ago you asked me if you could have your own blog. This was a surprise to me. I never imagined you would want one - though, when I would have considered myself an avid blogger, the idea was dreamy. Now, years later, there's no hesitation. 
I'd done all the thinking on it I would need to do, and I gladly pointed you in the direction of blog-land within days of your inquiry. 

I love your blog space. You picked out your layout, customized it, chose the colors, fonts, sizes… and of course the name, which is in correlation with your gamer tag (I know that's probably not what it's called anymore) - DeliciousEggRol - AKA: Eggy - or EggyOP. You are so much like me in this. Wanting your hand in every creative part. Coming up with the perfect most suitable name to represent your space. 
Needless to say, I am so proud of you and your blog:

The Life of An EggRol