Ezekiel wrapped up his season in gymnastics this weekend. 
The gym held a ceremony for all they gymnasts to show their stuff.
It was a really wonderful event that honored each of the students
for all their hard work this year. 

We are happy that Zeek found this sport which he enjoys so much,
and we are proud of him for his dedication and achievements.

Way to go Ezekiel!!! 


Joy Project

This joy project is a stretch for him too. He's not used to just carrying on his business while letting me take his picture. It makes him a little uncomfortable. This is good. A good change of pace. I love his face. 


Egg Dying

Zeek asked me a very serious question while the eggs were boiling...

he asked if I would be dying easter eggs if I didn't have him.

"No, my one and only little one -

there are a lot of things I would be missing out on
if it weren't for you."

And I'll never forget how blessed we are to have you.



He loves his cereal. He usually has one bowl a day. Even if he's already had breakfast. I think he gets that from my and my mom. We're the same. Love that cereal! 


quiet and familiar @ home

The farm bench in the entrance - Zeek's lego storage wall on the bridge - the world map at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway - spring tulips - a mantle i have not neglected yet this year and am letting be more me than "just right" - my kitchen sink view - the scene from my dinning room perch - and Fifty, patiently waiting for the invite to bed down in my lap for a cuddle and nap.


Zeek's Room

He's planned his room from the start. The colors on the walls, the designs, decor, hangings, couch, shelves, bedding, everything. If he's gotten "silly" about it, we just let him save up his allowance and foot the bill. He doesn't mind. He keeps his room "cleaned" the way he likes it. There's still a Christmas tree up in April, because he refuses to let us take it down, yet. There's a pile of his stuffed cats and dogs in a wall net. He keeps most of his own reading books and his guitar and amp in his room too. He only lets his best friend Jaymee into his room to play with him. It is his space, and he loves it. 


The Joy Project

This week I read about the joy project -
a collaboration of photographs by one mom
capturing the memories of her home, family, and life
just as it is.

It really moved me and opened my eyes.
Her photographs are inspiring.

Years ago I stopped taking so many photos at home.
I decided I'd rather have a mental memory of the real thing
than regretful memories of missing out to "set the stage" for taking pictures of our fun.

Ginger, of the joy project shows things differently.
She capitalizes in leaving things just so, 
taking incredible photographs, proving that true can be messy
and messy is worth savoring.

Thanks to all of this I'm giving it another shot. 

(Some mornings, he stays in his room and plays the guitar his Dad gave him. Plugged into the little amplifier he strums the strings and experiments with the sounds he can make. Coming from rock bands ourselves, we both love the sounds of this coming from overhead.)