We went to Madison this week. 

We brought Hootie and Coonie,
of course.

After I painstakingly forced you to hit the farmers market with me,
we did THIS. Ians. 50% of the reason we go to Madison.

We also went to a place the called "The Cat Cafe".

And it is just that -
an eye itching cafe filled with real cats. 
You were in your glory. 

We also went to Insomnia Cookies. 

We stayed at Emily's house. 
They were away on vacation and were nice enough to let us use their place.

We loved it. From the giant whirlpool tub,
to the mornings of game playing and breakfasts…

On our second day we went fishing.

We rented a row boat (a first for us both)

You pretty much taught me the ropes
(of which you learned from rowing in Minecraft)

It was a good bonding experience we will probably not soon forget.
We laughed so hard (while at times being terrified for our lives).

But mostly we laughed.

I love watching you have fun. 
Your smile lights up my life.

Of course, we did some more of this. Ians.

We spontaneously stopped at the Red Elephant, 
where you met "the butler", as you called him.
(he was really just an uppity snob who sold their chocolates)

We went to an amusement park where we drove RC boats,
played in an arcade, you put on a puppet show, 
played a game of basketball in a trampoline court,

and climbed a rock wall. 

That evening we ate at Hubbard's,
another Madison favorite of ours. 

We also went to see Finding Dory at the IMax.

The next day we discovered a new-to-us place near Emily's…
La Michoacana - a delicious and unique ice cream shop.

We had a pretty special time on our own in exploring Madison.
I'm glad we got away together for a little snug time. 


Keeping up with Keeping You

Holla! I have NOT been keeping up with this blog, and I know you'd like me to. 

Tomorrow morning we are leaving on a little vacation together. We have a lot of options as to what we will do while we are there. I am going to blog EVERY day for you. What we chose to do, where we go, what we eat… all the fun we have. 

Then I will try to continue to make time to KEEP up here for you. 

I'm so excited to spend three or four days alone together with you!!! 
We are going to have a great time. 

I love you Bups. 


Miss Ronda DID accept your final audio version of your preferred recital song. She was so proud of you. I told her that we felt like you won a Grammy Music Award. She said that in her eyes you did! 

You continued to work on the song over the weekend, really perfecting your rhythm and timing. 

Here is the video of the awesome job you did playing at the recital. 


You really earned this ovation. You set your heart and mind on this goal, did above and beyond what anyone would have asked you to, and proved it to yourself and all of us that you can do anything! 

After the concert your friends and their families joined us for an ice cream party at Culvers. It was a great night. 

Chase Fireworks

Our favorite fireworks were this weekend and we did not miss them!
We went with your Dad, Uncle Tony, and Zach. 
You and Zach ate a lot of lemon cupcakes from the bake sale. 
The fireworks were awesome, as always. A
nd they lit off two rounds of quarter sticks of dynamite this year! 


Demons - Imagine Dragons

You're playing it now. Just like you did yesterday - endlessly, with an incredible passion, drive and determination (and a little "Eddie Vedor", as your Dad I tell you when you get all serious and stunted by your artistry). 

Your personal interpretation and the way you've related to the lyrics is amazing. I'm not sure how you can do that at 10. 

I couldn't be more proud. I pray that the hidden skeptical, self-critical, brooding, loathsome, introverted,  Ezekiel-esque, character you have carried inside since half through your third year of life homes it's rightful place in the heart of music. It's been the provision God has gifted so many of us as a way to live with the realization of our condition in flesh. I couldn't be happier for you. 

Don't take it as a hit when I say you act like Eddie, or tell you that you're a wacko when it comes to your music. Don't get mad at me when I try to get a quick photograph of you behind those keys, hair over your eye, tears streaming down your cheeks, playing your heart out. It is all out of love, pride, and respect for this journey you are taking. I'm so grateful for it. 

When you turn away from the process in frustration and disgust, declaring that you are finished, know that I smile inside and hold your place. That's the reason why, when you turn around within minutes to run back, you find me there waiting. 
I got you. I get you. 

I spent the same endless hours falling in love and making it mine when I was your age. Still do it. 

You got the best of both of us. 
Like Daddy, you're so technologically genius that without him to guide you there would be no way - I would be completely lost to the depth you have gone. 
And like Mommy, you have music to make all the difference to your broken heart - to stop all the pain. And I'm honored to stand by you and support you every step of the way. 

People talk a lot about how babies and toddlers grow up too fast. And you know we've never felt that way here. You were a constant part of my every single everything for those little years. I never missed a beat. It fully consumed my heart and mind. 

It's not that I feel the speed of time. Now that you're old enough to discover your own paths. To chose what you watch or read without me needing to invest in the same to protect you. To gravitate towards the friends you want and not require my active relationship with their parents. To dive into your writing, technology, and music in a way that only calls for my support rather than so much leading or guiding anymore. 

When you talk, I don't hear us anymore. I heart you. You dress like you, have hair like you, buy the species of fish you like… You don't ask me questions as often as you find the answers for yourself. It's painful and beautiful, having you break into your own, while breaking out of me. 
It's important and right. But it sucks in a way you can't understand right now. 
So special, having you. 

You're the highlight of my whole life. 
The best part.