Shadow Lake w/ friends

Today we went to Shadow Lake with Amy and her kids
for a last day of summer vacation beach party!!! 

about 20 years ago, I went to Shadow Lake with some friends of mine.
One of them had her little baby girl with her.
I watched how cute and sweet it was for her to play with her daughter
in the sand on the shore of the lake, in the summer sun.
And I dreamed… 

I thought about how I might take my baby there someday.
And today, I did just that. 
Only you are no baby anymore. 
And it wasn't nearly as nostalgic as all of that. 

We just had a great time, building new memories
of real things that are better than I ever could have dreamed 
of for myself and a family. 

You are my real, always sunshine. 


Home'sCool Room

So, we didn't plan to do this, but in the last week before school starts
you and I decided it would be cool to create a Homeschool room 
in the extra half of the basement living area that is empty. 

With a little work and VERY little money, we have put together 
what will be the cutest little school room we've ever had. 

I was able to use almost the entire dry erase board on the wall.

And little odds and ends we've had in storage that I loved and bought 
and never quite found a place for in our home yet. 

We have the couch and tv area to watch your 
DVD lessons, Netflix, Amazon, or Youtube for classes. 

And our piano fits perfectly in the nook. 
The bathroom and school book storage is all right down here. 
Even your computer in the computer room. 

You painted a chair and picked out some fabric you'd like for the seat. 
And I brought down the Chalkboard topped table from the bridge
(which wasn't being used anymore)

I'm getting closer and closer to having everything ready,
with the room, the syllabuses, and all the rest of the preparations.
I'm so excited to get started!!!
smile emotico


My Kinda Morning!

We had a serious thunder storm a couple weeks ago, when a tree came down 
just in front of the shop, stretching about 90 feet across the driveway, 
into the yard, and past one of our fire pits.

I had big dreams of taking out my new chain saw and cutting it up myself. 
Little did I know what a solid tree it was, and how much strength
it would take to see it though to the end.

I was so grateful to have Greg to do the heavy work.

Ezekiel got to use his new axe to cut off the branches, and 
help haul the wood to the new pile we started under the deck for winter. 

This was a dream morning for me. Truly.  
It may sound weird, but there is nothing I like more than moving wood. 

To me, this pile represents strong hard team work, prosperity, victory
and success. Just beautiful. 

We did a ton of yard work afterward too. 
That storm kicked up quite the mess. 

It was only right for us to each shower, 
then go to our favorite breakfast spot to reward ourselves for all our labor. 


Packer Practice

The S family invited us to join them for our first Packer Practice. 

We thought it would be so much fun with the way her boys love the Pack,
and now that you are on your first football team this season.

While it did have some good to it, it turned out to be cold, windy, rainy, 
long, and more boring than fun for anyone. 
But we were with friends, and that was redemptive.

Lesson learned - next time, maybe we'll all just have a 
picnic lunch and play at the park. :) 


Sunny Summer Sunday

There's a little public access beach about 4 miles from our house
that I didn't know about until a couple weeks ago!

It's a shame we just discovered this, with the way you love to swim 
and how I love to sit by the water and watch you play. 

I'm hoping to hop in the car and drive here more often, 
if only to pick up a Burger King ice cream cone and
watch the sun set on the shore. 


Jay & Zeek

We spent another fabulous day with Aunt Julie and Jaymee.  

Good fun, good visiting, good food…

We love being with them. 

I love that the two of you are still such good friends.



 You played soccer all summer, and we were really proud of you
for your sportsmanship, dedication, and attitude. 

We enjoyed the games. They were relaxing and a good time 
to sit with friends and cheer on our kids in a sport. 

You were going to play soccer again for Fall, 
but your buddy Dax convinced you to join flag football, 
and even though I'd already signed you up and paid for 
the fall soccer season, I would gladly switch you to football
(which is what I'd been secretly hoping for all along)

You had your first practice today, and it is AWESOME!
We saw that it is kind of a Dad thing for practices during the week, 
because I was the only Mom there.
In the future I will hang back home while you and you Dad do this together. 

But I have to say, I couldn't be more excited! 
You are SUCH a football player kind of guy.
 Your coach is amazing, and your teammates seem
really sound, encouraging, and actually pretty skilled as well. 

Football. Now THAT'S is what I'm talking about.


Day @ Pamperin w/ Friends

Today we met with the Rups for some playtime at the park.

It was very fun - as it always is with them.

After the park we went to their house and you swam with 
the kids at the neighbor's pool while Jenny and I sat poolside 
visiting some more and soaking up the sun. 

I am loving our summer together!!! You're the best. 


Golf Again

So spoiled to have had another (cooler weather) day to play golf together. 

You are really very good at playing, and for some strange reason,
with all the walking, carrying, heat, and sometimes even bugs,
you really enjoy playing Golf - from start to finish. 

That's my guy! 


Bonfires and Wood Work

As much as I love, love, LOVE our home, 
my favorite part about it happens to be outside. 

I can not get enough of the woods. 
Cutting, clearing, leaf blowing, stacking, piling, 
exploring (which I could honestly live without), 
and of course, BONFIRES!!!!  

I love that you will join me in working and then 
enjoying a little lunch cooling on the fire. 

My favorite kind of day. 


Kitty Say Wha???

We had a little kitty drama with our sweet Sir.

Thankfully he did not die (though I was pretty sure he was going to)

We have some new rules about NOT going outside anymore,
since the mend. We'll see how he likes that.