hollow-ween @ the public school

I realize that some of this message can be considered a sinful process, and as I stand on my soap box in my freedom-of-speech/home-of-the-Brave, and stomp my teeny little foot in seek of relief and vindication under the partial accuracy that I'm only standing up for the Truth, I'm no better than anyone who I might inadvertently offend. I don't claim to be so grown that I'm eloquent and well spoken in the Word of God and His perfect love. I am a work in progress, and I await the day when I can say what is true and good without the need to point out how wrong and ugly lies and deception are. 

Having said that, here's how halloween at the public school went down:

School has been great so far, with the awkward and unfortunate exception of this past week. Thankfully, the "Harvest/Fall Celebration", which we now recognize as a public school cover up for the all-American holiday of halloween, is over

With Ezekiel's first expressions of true concern and disdain for the Public School system, and specifically his very own otherwise wonderful school itself, we stand on the other side of this week relieved that the worst is over for the year. 

We made it through, though not without some unexpected alienation, discrimination, pigeonholing, and pressure. Not without a good dousing of Old Mother Witch, Haunted House, Ghosts in the Graveyard, chanting in unison "Happy Halloween" as a classroom, a Fall Celebration full of only halloween crafts and prizes, and the like…

I was most surprised when the one person in the school who I respect the most and felt most respected by patronizingly encouraged that we use this opportunity to teach Ezekiel that "it's all just fun" and he should learn to "go with the flow". 

But just as I said to my friend, I can think of some other things that might feel "fun" to our kids one day. Things I would never teach them to "go with the flow" based on that determination - like racing cars down main street, spray painting art on the side of a building, getting high, picking on other kids, and so much more. 

So yes, fellow Parents, Christians, and leaders of entire schools full of beautiful, young, and impressionable people, as we stand here in the honored position of mentors and leaders, let's NOT break our children's censors of right and wrong, fun and fear, conviction and conformity - let's show them that a duck is a duck and we should never ever call it something it isn't. And if we're going to blatantly trick them into viewing dark as light, at least let's not act surprised when we get the call from the school, angry parents, police, or planned parenthood.

Over the past week, it has been painful at best, to watch Ezekiel stretch for a safe place between excused and excluded, finally deducing for himself and declaring that it is expected of him, in the Public School setting, to follow along as a rule, no matter what his beliefs are. 

I am grateful that we as his parents supported him in his choices, while above all, showing love toward others, no matter where they stood. We can't imagine how our son (or any child with a clear head about halloween) could have fared on his own four years ago as a Kindergardener, but we are sure proud of him in all that he did and didn't do. He's come a long way from days of being captive to legalism and fear. He showed off a brilliant means of balance in choosing his battles and observing with a strong sense of God's provision and protection. I can only imagine how Honored God is by Ezekiel's desire and heart for Him.  

Today, I am celebrating that the non-satanic, but clearly dark and discouraging, cultural indoctrination of halloween is out of our lives for this, our single year of public school. It breaks my heart to watch anyone fall under such the opposite of what God calls us to as His children. 

All in all, there was plenty of good in this week - no one was hurt or lost - God is Good all the time, and many seeds were planted in light-filled, loving, and unsalty ways - we learned who among us are true believers and why they keep their mouths shut about it (it's not our opinion that only the people who do not participate in halloween make that distinction) - we are taking it very seriously, that every single event that takes place in this year is an opportunity to allow God to grow us, and we continue to accept the challenge of setting ourselves aside and making room for His glory.  

If you are reading this and celebrate halloween, know that you are NOT judged by our family. We know that there are families who have invested in wisdom and have been led to redeeming this holiday, still honoring God in all that they do. We are also aware that we have all fallen victim to lies this world has fed us and have no business pointing fingers. 

I encourage you, if you are a follower of God, search the scriptures, invest yourself in the knowledge of Truth, pray for discernment and train yourself to distinguish between good and evil - light and darkness. Stand up for what you are and who you serve, even if it makes you different or seemingly strange to others. Don't settle for the things of this world. This is YOUR life. 

God Bless!

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." Romans 12:2a