Warriors in Training

I whisper it aloud again, standing in the gap - you're warrior mom being brought up right beside you, 

"not this time"

How many times I've thought about how things might have been if someone would have told me when I was three, four, six years old... 

I think of the kind of guidance and reasoning that comes from Truth and Spirit, vs that of our own ideas and systems. They're all around us. Ruffling their feathers like proud chickens. In time the distinction shows certain, like the difference between jumping off a cliff vs opening wings to soar. 

A boy at your school bullies.

And so it is. There are things in his life you haven't seen happen but have shaped his need to bring you down, for his salvation. Your's is in Jesus, so go to Him. Jesus says, 'love your enemy'. (matt 5:44) And I've found that if we can see a person's hurt when he's hurting us - to know that it hurts God that HIS PEOPLE are broken... it will help. 

You lay afraid in the night, filled with thoughts.

Welcome to having a mind. You and I are so alike. We refuse not to think. 
We have two options in everything... a blessing or a curse. 
Which will you have? 
Teach yourself to control your thoughts, 'take all thoughts captive' (2 corin 10:5), and it will make life so much easier. 
Think of three good things you will be dwelling on tonight, 'whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things' (phil 4:8). 
We have to make thoughts, we mustn't let thoughts come and make us.

I know that you are on a God guided path. Getting an early start to things I have only been allowed to see for the sake of showing you. Everything I've been molded into, good and sorry, are just what He wants for your mom to be, for you. What an honor. 

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. (1Thes 5:16-18) 


Quick & Easy Flip Flop Save

I'm putting this on a site so it can be pinned. 
I need to pin it.

I can't take credit for this awesome flip flop saving tip. 
I owe many thanks to the kind Mom at summer school pick-up today, 
who generously shared it with me when she saw me and my son 
sadly looking down at yet another broken flip flop. 

This is one of those bread bag tags. 
All you do is slip it on the strap that pulled out, and voila! Fixed.

I'm only sorry for all the flip flops we had to throw away and replace last year.



So far your summer has been a blast. 
Lots of playing with Jay, swimming, running,
enjoying your last weeks with Sarita,
summer school, bowling, movies, 
events, and get togethers.

You don't play with Henry anymore.
But the two of you meet once in a while, 
he in his woods across the street
and you in yours. 
You'll talk a nice while,
and then you'll come up to the house
to declare that you've had a great talk with Hen. :)

You are still into spies and cats. 
Spy cats, usually. 
Or super ninja spy cats.

You want your room redone again. 
Well, not exactly. You love the walls.
You want a new bed. The house isn't doing it for you anymore.
You sleep onto of the house on your twin mattress,
but now you want to be able to 
fit underneath your bed, standing. 

Uncle Robert is going to come and help your Daddy 
build you a cool fort-like loft bed.
This will be the LAST room change 
you will get for awhile. 

You and I are still in karate together. 
We go on Monday nights. 
It's been really good.

You also still do private riding lessons at Linda's.
You've just started showing a trust and interest 
in riding Gwin when we go out to see her together.

I am enjoying your smothering cuddly
sweet loving nature toward me.
Everyday after school we snuggle up
on the couch and I read to you.

You're still my little boy.
Long and independent as you are growing.

We haven't been going to Church a lot, again.
I've been watching it live online,
and you and I have been reading 
the kids versions of 
The Case for Christ
The Case for Faith
Max Lucado's
He Chose the Nails

The squirrels are gone, 
the days are hot,
the evening walks are cool.

We're making the most of our time,
and I'm trying hard not to let any of it 
pass us by unnoticed.

We are grateful for all that we have.


Daily Mile

I guess we could call it your first "blog", if it qualifies as one. 

Tonight, you wrote your own first entry on your "Daily Mile" training tracker. 

I had been posting your runs over the weekend for you 
and thought this might be the perfect way for you to get familiar 
with an online documentation format.
Not to mention putting to use all those typing lessons 
you sat through this school year. 

Your first post was adorable. 
You did it yourself from the laptop while I showered after our run tonight. 
You also discovered how to change the "theme"/colors of your page, 
and you set it just as you wanted it. 

Running with you was fun. Still not for me. But for you... anything. :)


Flying High

When I watch your legs running along side the road, so long and fast, 
I can't help but remember when your Dad and I first saw 
your little leg and foot in the 3D ultrasound during my pregnancy. 

That leg and foot almost spoke to me on the screen. 
They looked so good and strong and meaningful. 
They really stood out to me. I remember thinking, 
"that is the leg and foot that will help carry my son throughout his life." 

I remember dreaming about one day witnessing them 
take their first independent steps... and later seeing them move you swiftly...
and even later watching them bend and throw you upward 
toward the sky as you jumped high. 

I'm proud that you have taken up running. 
Not because I need you to run, but because you are strong. 
Your heart, your mind, and those beautiful strong legs and feet... 
I pray they will always serve you well, 
helping you fly higher and farther than we've even dreamed for you. 


RUNNING? What Next!?

I can't believe that today we bought you a pair of size four running shoes. 
I know that you were wearing a size three when we bought you 
your last pair of tennis shoes, 
but I guess I never thought about what that meant 
for your ever growing feet! 

SIZE FOUR. Wow, you're getting big!

Although you own about 15 pair of flip flops, 
because (like me) that is all you wear as soon as 
the last drop of snow melts for the year, 
we had to find you a pair of "running shoes" because you have been running
This as a outstanding and unexpected for me 
as you being a size four at age six.

It all started when you asked if you could run to Uncle Jeff's house 
(we have been taking care of his home and farm animals 
while he's been recovering from another bike accident) 

I told you that you could run, but that I would not be running to Uncle's. 
So I followed you in the Jeep. 
This is pretty easy to do because Uncle's house is only .7 miles 
from our house, and the two roads we travel between us 
are country roads with not many cars on them.

The first day I thought nothing of your run. 
It was cute, and I was grateful you were getting the exercise. 
You only made it about .4 miles before you asked 
if you could climb into the Jeep for the rest of the trip.

The second day, which was yesterday, you asked again. 
I agreed and followed you in the Jeep. 
You only made it about .4 miles again, and then you were back in the Jeep.
Only this time, you asked to run home from Uncle's 
after we'd tucked all the animals in for the night.

You ran the entire .7 miles home! 
In flip flops! 
In 80 degree weather!

You were so happy when you got to the house. 
I thought FOR sure you would go right to sleep after brushing your teeth. 
But for some reason it actually livened you up, 
and you couldn't sleep at all. You stayed awake until 10pm! 
(Aunt Julie said this is exactly what happens to her when she runs.)

Tonight, with your adorable new, size four running shoes strapped on, 
you ran in just your shorts, high 80 degrees again, 
from the house to the corner, 
from that corner to the corner on the other end of our street, 
then back to the first corner. 
Then we went to Uncles, tucked everyone in, and you ran all the way home. This gave you a total of 2.1 miles!!!

Aunt Julie told me to make sure to get photos and video 
of you running so she could see how cute you are. 
She invited us to do a 5K Thursdays with her, Alexis and Jaymee 
at the YMCA beginning the last weekend of this month through summer. 
We are IN! 
I will be walking with Alexis while the rest of you 
run, run, run together!!!

I know you are proud to be running because 

your Pepere, Aunt Julie, and Uncle Jeff are all big time runners. 
Little do you know yet that 
Aunt Michelle, Uncle Eric, Miss Emily and Miss Amber 
are all in on this sport too! :)
I'm so happy for you. It's great that you like running.


First Day

Today was a special day for you.
Your first day of Summer School!!!!

We woke up early (on purpose), ate breakfast, GOT DRESSED, 
and headed out the door around 7:25am. 

At school, we ran into some friends of ours right away. 

Inside, we were surprised to see even MORE people we know.
Jaymee, Alyssa, Trevor, Abby, and some girls from karate class
all attend the same summer school as you.

I walked you all around the school.
We found your classes.
We picked up your snack bag.
We selected the place where we would meet after school
when I would pick you up.

Then we went to your first class. 
You found your name at your seat. 
You were SO excited. 
It was adorable! 

I took a picture of your class as I headed out the door for home. 

At home I was bored without you. 
Sure I had plenty to do, but I never realized how boring 
things are without you around. 

Sometimes I have one day without you, 
and I take good advantage of it. 
But this is different. 
I know I'm going to have DAYS ON END
with no Nibbys to play with... I don't know what I'll do with myself.

When I was FINALLY able to pick you up from school, 
we went straight to shopko down the road for a back pack for you 
to take to school and keep your papers and snacks in from class to class. 

It was so cute the way you knew just what kind of pack you wanted
because "all the kids have them, Mom."

We got delicious pizza- half my favorite, half your favorite - and then went home!

At home we ate pizza and shakes by the pool. 
Then you swam like crazy. For hours. 

You even took some pizza in the pool with you! 

I tilled my garden, moved some plants around, planted some new stuff, 
made a row for flowers and planted those seeds, painted rocks to label 
the garden rows, and watered it all down before we had to pack it up
and head off to karate. 

Karate was GOOD. And on the way home I stopped to 
take care of Uncle Jeff's place for him. 
While I was feeding, putting out dogs, tucking them 
into their room for the night, feeding, watering, and tucking in 
the chickens, chicks,and goats in the barn, 
you FELL ASLEEP in the Jeep!

Once home, I was able to carry you in, 
lay you in my bed, change you into your pjs,
and tuck you in without you getting up! 
That has not happened since you were a baby!

It was just that good of a day. 
I can't wait to do it all again tomorrow! 


Pool Time

After a bit of a downer day, Saturday,
and predicted temps into the 90s for Sunday, 
we decided we needed to get you a little water action for your own yard.

Of course, your Dad wanted us to fork out the big bucks, 
have a hole dug into the side yard, and order an 18 foot, year round
pool to be delivered and installed ASAP!

Thanks to Mommy we still have all our savings intact. :)

And you have an EIGHT foot, easy set pool, 
that only took us about three hours to put up, 
including the leveling of the ground and the hour it took to fill. 

It was well worth the sweat equity when we were finished.
The two of us sat back in our lawn chairs with our ice cream shakes
and giggled at how happy you were, how cute you are, and all the 
funny oh-so-boy things you say when you're playing. 


Swimming @ Jay's

Tonight we were supposed to go to the outdoor theater with Jay.
But after a long and rough day, we decided to hang out instead. 

Aunt Julie said that Jay wouldn't mind the change of plans,
and she invited us to come over to their place and swim.

Since this is one of your FAVORITE things to do (swim and Jay's)
and I knew I could really use some Aunt Julie time, I gratefully accepted.

Uncle Kevin grilled delicious dinner for us. 
You were, of course, thrilled to sink your teeth into 
some fresh corn on the cob!

You and Jay had a blast,
and my day went from nothing going right
to everything being more than fine!

It was a good kick off to a long summer of
spending time with some of our favorite people! 


Bay Beach

 Last week we went to Bay Beach a couple of days.

First with Steven and Cindy (the neighbors).

The second time we went with Nina and her kids.

I'm amazed at the rides you will go on this year! 

You went on the scrambler for your first time.

and your second, third, fourth...

Most amazingly, you went on the scat!
It is the scariest ride at Bay Beach
and you loved it. :) 


Pet Walk '12

This weekend we did the BAHS annual Pet Walk.

We were going to take both dogs,

but Apple ended up going into heat (finally) 
and there was no way she was going to be 
a good candidate for a huge dog walk.

Yuki was glad to attend. 

Much to our surprise, your Daddy joined us as well!

You were so proud to have your pug doug with you.

She did SO well. 

YOU did very well, yourself on your first 5K walk!

We thought we would certainly be carrying you and Yuki by the end.

But not one bit. You both drove on straight through the finish.

It was a really nice walk for all of us,
and we helped raise some money for our little furry friends.

Pug pretended she was pooped. But she really wasn't.
Her pink piggies were just making her feel a bit diva-ish. :)