There's a sacred quiet place inside of me that is made up an unexplainable love that's all for you. 

I've dreamed of this life, where two people in love, have love, and know a love they've yet to hold. 
I knew it was possible, but I long let go of the hope it would ever be ours. 

God does His amazing thing in His amazing ways, and all things work together for good. 
It took awhile to get here, but we are really truly, actually, finally here
and we are coming for you! 

Hold tight "you".



Today we did some stocking up on groceries at Woodmans. You often stand on the cart holding the push bar while I push the cart with you leaning back against me. We talk and whisper and giggle and sometimes I sing into your ear. Sometimes you mention that there are people, like you don't want me to sing to you or kiss your cheeks in front of them. I don't mind. I do it anyway. I hope you always remember my love for you. 

I think of that when we watch our show at night as a family. We all lay on each other and snuggle close, sometimes with a dog or two to top us off like cherries on an ice cream sunday. I didn't have that closeness with my family when I was a kid. I hope it makes all the difference for you. I don't know how we could be in the same room and not fallin' in love. ;)

After walking away from your favorite cartoon last week because of it's content that is dishonoring to God,  I think you gave up your usual brand of yogurt today because you realized the brand is called "Greek Gods". You mentioned something about it and asked where the "Brown Cow" yogurt was instead. Your conscience and convictions are pretty remarkable. While I do like to encourage balance and remind you that we are Free in Christ, I do let you take your strong stands. I even learn from and have become more mindful of myself because of your example. 

You have been making your own play money in your spare time the last couple of days. You got the idea from your Judy Blume Double Fudge audio book. You have a whole plan to make items that you can sell to your friends using the Fudge Bucks you are going to give them when they come to visit you. You are pretty serious about it. Although, I don't quite understand the appeal, it's cute, fun, imaginative, artsy, and somewhat mathematical. And it's not a video game, so... 

Speaking of, you have been earning your Media Time. In the completion of a school day, chores, extra reading, exercise, and community service you receive a determined amount of time per activity. It has been a good way to balance your productivity with your down time. We'll see how it works for the first weekend we use it. 

I love you. 
You're fabulous. 
Can't get enough of you. 



Yesterday we got "the call" we have been waiting for from our Adoption Case Worker. Our paperwork was approved so far, and we were able to schedule our first Home Study. We are very happy about this step. Every step forward is exciting for me and your Dad. I don't know that you understand it all completely. The process of adoption can be overwhelming and confusing at 8 years old, I'm sure. We try our best to explain it and include you in our celebrating of milestone, dreaming and planning for. 

Last night, we watched our Brady Bunch, like we've done every week night since Christmas. When it was over, you asked for a second, like you've done every week night since Christmas. :) We usually say yes, but your Dad asked what we thought of all snuggling into the same big bed, watching a movie on Amazon, and falling asleep together. I think all the excitement over "the call" made him want his family close. He and I did our devotion while you got ready, and then we all climbed into our bed, did your devotion with you, and then your Dad prayed. We fell asleep watching Turbo. 

When I woke up this morning I was between you both. You each had a knee over me and your arms were laid across me, touching. I've never felt so loved and special, to be the girl of your hearts. I can't imagine more love. I watched you both sleep for awhile. Your Dad, so strong and sweet. His heart is so good. And you, so grown and yet so young. I can see his strength in you, and his quiet, sound, stable peace. You are both so good. 
I love you. 



For eight years I have kept a blog just for you. The pages have been filled with your milestones, activities, events, interest, and all your days since birth. It's been a journal of my heart for you with photographs and love letters. It's been a sort of baby book for you and memior of our family, so far.

As you know, in the past several months we have been discussing our desire to adopt. Of course, you have been a very important part of this consideration. Your Dad and I are grateful for and encouraged by your heart to welcome another child or children into our family, and we are proud to announce that we have officially began the process!  

As our life will likely soon be filled with more hands and feet, more smiles and tears, more of us... these life documenting pages are going to take root in some significant changes. These letters will no longer be written to just you about the three of us, but they will also be addressed to whoever it is God has chosen to enter into our family.

Here we will write stories of celebration, blessings, and the proof of His favor and provision in and on our now expectant family.

While we will surely enjoy the journey, we can't wait to be united! 

Yours Forever, 

Somewhere Out There

A saved post from 12.18.13

Last night, your Dad and I put our inflatable penguin family out on the deck again for Christmas. We stood together facing the three of them - like the three of us - and your Dad said to me, "maybe next year we will need to add another little penguin to their family." It was an exciting realization for us both - this Christmas could hold s
ome of our lasts for just the three of us, before we become... more.

When we went inside to look out at them, happily waving, bundled close together, we prayed there by the Christmas tree. We prayed for our child or children. Wherever they are, whoever they are, that they are safe. We prayed for the people caring for them to be loving, gentle, patient and kind. We prayed that God would fill them up with Him, hope, peace, and love - with a knowing inside.

It's an incredible thing to think - that our child or children, your sibling or siblings, are out there somewhere, right now.