Friends and Fire

Today we had Zach over. 

We enjoyed lunch on a bonfire and some outdoor play. 

The three of you played Payday and watched a movie together in the theater, too. 

I love that you and Zach are still so close and compatible, 
and that he is so friendly and comfortable in sharing you with your KayKay.


Summer Dayz

We've been enjoying our park dates on Wednesday
for my own Bible study with the ladies, 
and your play time with all their kids. 

This is the tree the Mama's sit under during our time. 

We've also been enjoying soccer Mondays and Wednesdays, too.

You are the one in the orange shin-socks.
Your team is called the "Shooters", 
your coaches are awesome,
and you actually play!
(when you were younger and in soccer, you refused
to touch the ball on game days, because you thought it 
wasn't fair to take it from the other kids.)

Your Dad and I, and often Kaila, are on the sidelines
with our friends, cheering you on! 
It's such a relaxing stop in the day for us.


Aunt Pam's Place


Today we went to a Birthday Party at Aunt Pam's. 

Zach turned 11 and Nick turned 14.

It was a beautiful day of quick passing thunder storms,  
warm sunshine, and a few favorite friends and family.

Can't wait for more time at Auntie Pam's house! ;)


Strawberry Time

Today I went to another Birthday party of Miss Maria's. 

Later, you, Kaila and I went strawberry picking up the road for the first time this summer. 

We had to do some good hunting to find the ready ones. It's early in the season.

It was wonderful, and so were the strawberry ice-cream shakes we made after dinner! 


Bay Beach

Today we went to Bay Beach with Miss Emily and crew.

It was great weather, not too warm, not too cool. 
Just enough sprinkling to keep the lines short.

You and Kaila went on A LOT of rides.

We had lunch in the park with everyone afterward.

Whether we are visiting their town or they are visiting ours,
it's always nice to spend time with these longtime friends.  


Summer School Plan

You and Kaila have a real love for video gaming. 
Specifically, Minecraft.

In previous years, I have given you about a week of playing 
as much as you wanted for the most part. 

This year, I knew that I would have to have a different plan, 
since Kaila wouldn't just be here 3 or 5 weeks, but the 

So, I decided to buy you each summer workbooks for LA, Math, and cursive,
as well as a Book Report template workbook. 
I told you that for every completed lesson you would earn a ticket. 
And for ever book report of a book you've read this summer,
you earn three tickets. 
One ticket equals 10 mins of video game time.

You are also able to earn time for unplanned outdoor play time at home.

This plan has been working beyond what I'd hoped. 
I have not yet asked you to do school work,
or go outside to play. 
Every single day you dive right into both 
with your own agenda and motivation.

I love it!


Freezer Meal Party/Play Date

Today was the long awaited Freezer Meal Party, 
planned with my girlfriends for the past month or so 
to kick off a summer of quick and healthy meals.

It was a huge success, and we were able to celebrate Miss Maria's Birthday too! 

We had Jimmy John's delivered for lunch,
then ice cream and cake to follow.

You and the kids had such a good time. 

We stopped all we were doing to listen close and enjoy 
the sounds of hysterical laughter coming from wherever you all were playing.

I'm so glad we are blessed with so many wonderful friends!


Aunt Pam's

We spent our first day at Aunt Pam's since school started last year.
It was LONG overdue, and as always, so much fun.

It feels so good to get back to spending time with our long time homeschool friends 
and in this case, family. 

It's amazing to see you with these big boys who held you as a baby, 
or were in diapers right alongside you.

We will be spending a lot more time with this crew this summer!


Kaila's Here!

We have her! 

We picked her up last night. 
We had an interesting ride home with an hour of crazy fog we could barely see through. 
I loved the adventure, and the two you of watched a movie on the car TV, so you were none the wiser. 

You are SO happy to be together. 

I always love being able to cook regular sized meals having two of you to feed.
These delicious gluten free pancake mini muffins from scratch were a hit!

I'm so glad Kaila is here and you have someone you love and 
get along with so well to play with this summer. 



Still on our own, Kaila isn't here quite yet.
So we took the day to hang out at one of our favorite places, 
Aunt Linsey's!!!

It was rainy and warm, and we loved every minute.
We all played outside, the kids rode horses in the arena,
and we can NOT wait to go back for more, more, MORE! 


Beach Day!!!

I couldn't have been more ready to revisit our favorite beach!

Just you and me, some great beach snacks and drinks, and the perfect weather. 

A great way to kick off our summer, back together again! :) 


School's Out For the Summer!

And somewhat forever, for us. Public school that is, anyway. 

We were so blessed in our obedience to God's direction for your schooling this year. It was amazing beyond anything we could have ever imagined or hoped for. We are so grateful for and proud of the experiences, growth, and changes you went through. 

I'm looking very forward to returning to Homeschooling, but I'm surprised how hard if feels to say goodbye to this amazing year, and most of all, the people who we've spent the year with...

Mrs. Bortz
(your 4th grade teacher)

Mr. Welnetz
(your Principal)

And the office administrator, Miss Kim. 

I expected this last day to be so exciting and joyful -
being done with public school for good,
no more early mornings,
wearing presentable clothes,
bulky backpacks,
bagged lunches,
leaving the house for 7 hours a day,
waiting, waiting, wasting…,
wanting to learn more,
sitting in that lunch room,
those mean monitors,
the stress of those few pushy kids,

But when I picked you up there wasn't a dry eye in the crowded building!
The teachers, students and admin were all wide eyed and red faced, 
saying their good-byes, hugging, lingering…

I was glad I was bearing gifts.
We passed out flower baskets and thank you cards with letters.
We took photos. 
I left with one somber little man.

Ice cream surely helped (doesn't it always)
but I suspect there will be some more sadness,
some tough adjustments, and some long talks.

I'm so glad Kaila is coming in a few days!