Today, you were purring pleased to wake up to this:

As the morning went on this beautiful mama, 
who showed signs of feeling much better, 
was not as often found resting with her four babies 
as she was getting closer to your mama. 

We got these cats from the Humane Society Animal Shelter. 

We are not keeping them, 
as you well know and have agreed to. 
We are fostering them for five weeks 
until they are big and strong enough to be 
placed for adoption back at the Shelter. 

We have constructed a 4'x16' living space for them on our lower level
using carpet remnant over tile and two huge unused storm windows. 
The cats are also lined on the opposite side with two sets of 
sliding glass doors to the great woods out back. 
It really does look like a cat aquarium. :)

The mama is about three years old, and all of her babies are boys. 
They were found stray, outdoors, huddled together in the cold. 
The mama cat looks as if she hasn't eaten much 
since the babies were born, three weeks ago! 
We were given special food and instructions on 
how to nurse her back to good health. 
She is doing very well and has an awesome personality.

So far, they have all been wonderful! 
SO sweet and tiny and playful! 
We've done a lot of skyping with family and friends 
who love to watch with us as the kittens 
play, eat, and wobble about. :)

Your Dad and I are so happy for you to have such an awesome experience. 
t will be so good for you not only to cuddle and play with these animals, 
but to love, care for, learn about, watch healing and growing, 
and release them to new homes with the help of the Humane Society. 
And surely only to bring in more new furry friends, and repeat! 

So fun and exciting! 
And surprise gift from Jesus,
this little prize of five came on your long awaited half-birthday!

Happy Half-Birthday, my sweet little five and a half year old. 
I love you a mew-llion!


oh, the joys of having a sort of sister

With Spring Break at hand we are getting a little teaser of extra time with Jay. 

After a morning at paint pottery or bead it
we took her home with us so the two of you could play. 

You were on top of the world together, 
dressing up like super heros and sporting your stylish custom alien hair-do!
Only a boy with a sister gets ponies in his hair. :) 

And oh, was it cute!

Looking forward to when she is out of school for the summer!!!


NC spring '11: part four -grateful for

hot tubbing 


Gra's cookies

Ann's book in 83 degrees

rainbows and water-hoses

dish washing


racing on PS3

driving Pepere's John deere

sunlit scrabble

sprinkler fun

out door eating at On The Boarder

french fry cutter

bird feeding

window seat coloring
& black berry eating

bird watching, learning, naming


car washing


monkey joes & Aubry

Maggie and Buschie

new toys

playing ball

with Gra

bath tub cafe

building a bird house

with Pepere

someone to hate missing

someone to love having back

home sweet home.



NC spring '11: part three -fishin' with gus

Pepere really wanted to take us fishing on this trip. 
It was set in the plans, but the lake we were hoping for 
wasn't yet opened for the season. 

Thanks to God, Gra and Pepere, Groupon, and Meam's new YES gig, 
we enjoyed the perfect replacement plan...


But wait a minute, let me back up a sec., lest I forget 
the dog:

He was love-a-licious, and older than dirt, 
just relaxing by the water at the dock.
His collar was packed with tags; ID, phone numbers, 
licenses, proof of vaccines, and even one that read:
"please don't take me from the dock".

One tag revealed his name: 
SO sweet.

You were smitten!

Moving on.

Captain Gus didn't think you would be able to handle 
casting and reeling his type of fishing rods at five years old.
So, he pretty much declared that you would watch the 
bobbers from the rods in the holders, and reel any fish caught there.

But I know you, (you say that all the time, "you know me...")
you'd rather cast and reel all day than catch one single fish. 

I had your back, and with a little instruction you were well on your way. 
Captain Smaptain. ;)

Gra was super cute (and helpful) keeping you on the boat! :)

Captain Gus mentioned more than once how surprised he was
that you could handle the fishing rod so well.
He commented on your casting and helped instruct us all
with tips and pointers.
It was great!

He asked me a couple times,
"How old is he?"
mentioning again how good you were.

He said you will be a great fisherman, 
and I got the feeling Captain Gus would know. :)

You still wouldn't touch your own fish, though.

Gra claimed to be most interested in the beautiful houses on the banks,
but we're pretty sure she fell a little bit in love with fishing that day. 

She looked happier than ever with fish on her line.

Pepere was quiet and diligent. 

You liked fishing next to and just hanging out with him.

I dreamed of all the fishing I will get to do in the future with him. 
Finally, my fishing dreams come true. :)

And of course, I enjoyed fishing myself, too.  
Of course.

It was an awesome day!