A "Normal" Family House

Hello my little love.

We're in the new house, three days. It's amazing.

Of all the fun you have been my favorite part - you're so happy here.

You love the house. You're brimming with excitement over it. You tell me every time we're together how cute and nice and good it is.

The first day you talked about how you like that it makes us like a "normal" family - "like the the ones on TV shows".

I never really thought about it before, but you have grown up so far in an unusual, beautiful, gigantic house of glass, with incredible views, so much privacy, all about architecture and a specific style of decor that isn't super common around here... while your new Blueberry Home is very "normal" to what you've seen in other people's houses and on TV - the Goldbergs, the Cosbys, Liv and Maddie, Good Luck Charlie...

I was in the garage (looking for something in the sea of our belongings piled high) when it dawned on me that we have always given you so much (just because we like to) and yet you are still like we were as kids, enjoying something less. This house is the complete opposite of tidy, organized, or even ready to live in. Yet it's all an adventure to you. It's as if you don't even see the crazy. And trust me, it's crazy right now! Like, boxes full and empty, blocking hallways and entire rooms, furniture strewn, freshly ripped out walls and floors with MANY electrical wires hanging from the ceiling. We don't know where any of our stuff is. We barely have any food. I honestly don't even know how to get to certain places in the house without really thinking it through first. HA!

I remember going to my neighbors house and loving how simple it was there. Stepping back from technology and up-to-date luxuries. They were grandparents, and they had an old piano in their dining room, a "sitting room" like a parlor, and one of those wash basin bowls with a pitcher. I thought the stark difference from my parent's home was SO cool.

You really appreciate and love this new house. For you the value comes in something entirely different than the things most grownups believe holds value. It's nice to see that innocent joy and contentment in you.

You told me that you really like what we've all planned to do to make changes to this house, but at the same time you are a little sad to see this go. Us too! We unexpectedly feel the same exact way.

Yesterday, you and your Dad were out in the screen room at the dining room table (which is where it is because of all of yesterday's demolition). I could hear the two of you just talking and laughing - looking out at the beautiful back yard together. It made me so happy and proud to be here. I can't wait to see what our "normal" life is like when things come together here. In the meanwhile, I am sure enjoying the ride! :)

Love you, baby.