Door County with Gra

We went to Door County with Gra for the first time.

It was so super duper fun!

The weather was quite a bit cooler than it's been lately.

Unfortunately, we were counting on it being 

We kind of wanted to lounge around the pool
in the back yard of our condo
playing games and dipping in the water to cool off. 

Thankfully, it was warm enough for you to swim 
a couple of the days we were there. 

Even Gra joined you a bit. 

You made some great strides in the water.

You've never been into putting your head under water much.

But this weekend you conquered your fears 
and not only dunked under water,
but you also swam around submerged,
like a SHARK! :)

I taught Gra how to play my favorite card game, Canasta. 
Like mother like daughter,
she became obsessed and I'm not gonna lie,
we played A LOT!

Of course, we took Gra to Al's.

And to Hands On.

Both firsts for her.

Everyone made their own projects
(except me) 
Gra made a spoon holder for her kitchen.

 You made the cutest bowl EVER
for your white dog Apple.
She really needed one and it's perfect!

I helped your Dad with his project...

I giant mug with his company's colors and logo.

 Everyone's project turned out great.

It was so awesome to have Gra join us
at our special family get away place.

Over the years, we have created so many great memories in this place.
This trip made it even more special because we had Gra with us.

Our last day, you and your Dad went home early
to let me and Gra spend the day alone together
visiting the town shops, sights, and cafes.
Something I never do when we are there.
It was SO much fun. 

I will miss that part the next we are there 
and I don't have a Gra to bum around with. :) 


A Morning Run with Pepere

This morning your Pepere wanted to get in a run 
before he had to fly back home.

He really hoped you would join him
but he would never push...

We were all pretty certain you were
avoiding the invitation,

but you surprised us all
when you accepted.

You ran 3.1 miles in your best time yet.

You and your Pepere.


The Quarry

You and I went to this place years ago.

It was just days before we were to meet
and bring Yuki home from her breeders.

You were three, and looking at it now
I'm surprised I let you wander, climb
and slide like I did, so young. 

Gra and Pepere were with us this time.

It was fun to walk and explore with them.

You, of course, loved the sandy hills.

We took advantage of the setting 

to get some good photos. 

We haven't really taken good photos of 
you with Gra and Pepere in a long time,
if ever.

It was fun.

Pepere took this photo of himself before
he took out picture for us.

This is the same place you and I 
took our picture three years earlier.

You were quite a bit smaller and
so I had to squat down like this
to get my face by your face.

Though, not anymore. ;)

You just keep growing and growing...