sick day

Last year, by this time, we were playing in parks, throwing the ball with the dogs outside, planting seeds, and you had already played shirtless with the hose in the driveway! 

This year there is still a lot of snow on the ground and it's just now starting to peek out of the 30s into the 40 degree temps. Oh, how we are dreaming of summer!

You are on your spring break. You are laying next to me right now in mine and your Daddy's bed, sleeping in your black and blue sonic fleece pj pants, grey blue and white socks, a blue runners t, and a grey sweatshirt. 

We were just about to head out the door to go see Gwinivere, when you mentioned you didn't feel very well. You said you felt weird when you stood up and your forehead hurt. I took your temp, and it was 101.6. So, we crawled into my bed and off to dream land you went. Little sweetheart. 

You are sick enough that you didn't eat your pb&j or strawberries and banana. You have a card that came in the mail from Gra, just laying next to you on the bed, unopened. You didn't have the strength and decided to save it for later. 

Today, we both sat up on the kitchen island and made easter bunnies out of paper plates. It was fun!

You are looking forward to Easter. You told me this morning that there are only three more days. You thought I was going to fill your plastic eggs with the candy you already own because we normally order your candy, so we don't have any unnatural dyes in it. I told you that you would get new candies. And you said that we'd better go online and order some jellybeans. I told you that I already took care of all that. I said, "what would easter be without jellybeans?" 
You looked up at me and said, very mater of factly, "the resurrection of Jesus Christ." :)

I'm glad that after all the years of trying to make Jesus the focus of our holidays, you understand and believe the importance of the true meaning at such a young age. I'm so grateful that you have God in your life. 

I also can't wait to do your easter egg hunt, dying eggs, and you finding your hidden basket from us. It's going to be a good weekend.  

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