I've been so terrible at keeping up with this. I'm sorry. 
And so much is going on...

I'll hit a quick recap for you:

* First of all, your newest shoes are almost as big as my own, 
and I can actually fit in them...

* You're rocking it out at the tail end of the school year. 
We've popped you up to third grade for a few classes that you 
already finished up the second grade curriculum for in the past 6 weeks. 

We haven't chosen an official end date yet, but we will be continuing light math
(with an emphasis on time telling - which you are still struggling with 
thanks to all the digital sources in our house), reading of course, 
and we will begin your Rosseta Stone Spanish classes again. 
I'd like to make Spanish the focus of our studies this summer. 

* The house is still on the market. We are still dreaming of our future, 
but have become quite comfortable with just being right where we are for now.
We love the house, the sprouting spring woods, the weather, 
and our little family, here.

* We are all still watching a Little House on the Prairie about 3-4 times a week,
after dinner. We are in the third season and loving every episode. 
You have decided that Charles Ingles is the best possible human role-model 
on the planet, and you are trying your best to take after his footsteps 
in every way. I love it.

* We went to the Milwaukee Zoo last weekend. 
It's been a few years since we took you. It was wonderful. 
Perfect weather, beautiful day, lots of fun. 
We met with uncle Tony on the ride home for dinner at my favorite restaurant.
We ate outside by the water. It was really nice. 

* Uncle Tony is coming Friday for the night. 
He and Daddy are going to a movie together and then 
you and I are going to make a giant breakfast for him (and us) in the morning. 

* You bought an electric scooter with your own savings. You love it! 
And now that the neighbors have moved out with their dog 
who you were too afraid of to go outside alone, 
you have been outside playing pretty much every waking hour of the day. :) 

* We have still been doing a lot of playdates and 
get-togethers with friends during the weekdays. 
Children's Museum is our favorite place to go for LOTS of fun. 
You have been hanging out with Noah and Jordan, Logan (and sisters), 
Luke, Nicole and Abbi, Zach and brothers, and Manny and Lilliana. 
You have been professing your official best-friendship with Zach, 
and even went so far as to say that you would really like to be in their family. :) 

Hopefully I will get to more writing for you soon! 

Love you babe. 

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