Last night, you and I laid in your bed after I read to you. We talked about our weekend with Gra and Pepere... the zoo, the caves, the way you love to play with your playmobils with Gra. I was always amazed how she could play with you for hours and hours when she visits. I saw it as a way of her being able to get the most of you during the short times you have together. 

I've always wanted to play with you more. It's easy to include you in my world... playing board games or card games together, baking, weeding, taking walks, grocery shopping. It's never tough to watch a movie or read, snuggling together. I'm your main source of human attention, guidance, food, education, etc... we go everywhere and do almost everything together. You would think it would be more than enough, but I worry that I'll ever look back, when I don't have you here, and wish I had entered your world to play more often while I had the chance.   

Last night, we talked about experiences. I explained how we can look at our experiences at the end of each day and pray to find a learning in them. I explained that our difficult times are the easiest to grow from because the lessons always stand out. But it's the good days that we really have to dig deep from to become better. 

Today, I used the happy moments of gratitude I had in watching and listening to Gra play with you to remind me that it's important for me to play with you too. That's the reason we set the timer for the last 30 minutes before you went to bed last night, and we went upstairs and played in your toy room together. That's the reason we'll play in your world more today, and tomorrow, and the next years together. 

Sometimes I forget that everyday there is something special offered to enhance the joy in my life. All I have to do is ask God and receive His Gifts. I'm glad you remind me to do that. 

I love you baby boy. 

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