Seventh Grade

The summer is coming to an end. No leaves have turned yet, but the entire atmosphere is working hard towards it. I can feel it. 

We're about to roll into full fledged school mode again. After three months of moving and renovating, this is a welcomed norm. 

It's certainly the first year I've ever been so cool and collected about our start. I'm usually planned beyond reality (and well beyond what is being feasible for any human schedule) with every piece of curriculum purchased, in house, and well absorbed by mid-August. I usually have each day scheduled, a list of hours, supplemental material all picked out, and Pinterest boards overflowing. Some years I've even written my own full syllabus for each class and then some! 

But since this move I've become less... me. 

There's this general go with the flow approach. Less planned and scheduled for - more taking it all in stride. One day at a time. I feel like I spent the last 30 years proving that there is no benefit to taking charge, stumping down or running ahead. This is like my "New Testament". And I'm loving it. 

So your school is unplanned. NOT unschooled. Unschooling is not for our family. But we will walk forward without urgency, not pretending we're super human and are going to be able to cram ourselves into unrealistic boxes of my own expectations. In fact, I my only expectation is progression and a more well rounded love and enjoyment for learning. That is it. 

So to Seventh Grade, here we come. Minds willing, eyes open, hearts forward. Let the games begin!    

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