I love you, beautiful boy.

On your special five year old birthweek.  
A celebration of great worth. 

Morning, bare feet on the cold driveway black.
Waffles and syrup and juice.
Moon week, and quick through school.
Ready, set, go! for a special day out.
Good ears and best behavior. 

Noon, patiently waiting with ipod in jeepy while uncle and mea-mea talk through an arrangement.
Calling our lunch at moe's.
Ice cream to follow at cold stone
Slowing me down to look into your shining excited face.
Moving "closeward" to fold your growing hand into mine all on your own.
Malling avidly for fun birthweek prizes.
Pausing encouraging mea-mea's own fun, too.

Night, laying softly in bed fast asleep.
Tucked in your blue and grey batman costume.
Snug with your favorite cat angry under your wing.
Next to your sweet and salty chihuahua.
Foot propped on your perfect piggly pug, snoring.

What a day I will never forget. 
Of you and our five years past. 

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