over 1000 grateful mentionings...

Thankful tonight for:

1001. Answered prayers.

1002. A calm and cool school morning filled with an authentic Love & Logic-esque vibe.

1003. A faithful bug guy who's become like family.

1004. A wannabe cold that still hasn't quite defeated my immune system.

1005. A lazy afternoon nap (that probably helped).

1006. Todays Hope and Promise  
and the final squashing of what would have looked like a bout of the blues in my past.

1007. Always a way out.

1008. A delicious well timed spaghetti dinner.

1009. A husband who walks in the door and hits the floor to be with his baby boy straight until his head hits the pillow.

1010. A moments call and God's perfect timing, words... love.

1011. The perfect babysitter for us, from right under our noses. 

1012. Technology
1013. The IPad
1014. Free uploads of 
The Wouldbegoods
and The Story of the Treasure Seekers

1015. Her steady help in ministry 

1016. Our favorite season of shows beginning TONIGHT! :)

1017. Pam, Dolly, Nori, Nini, Emily, Beth, Teresa and Mom... all who have reached out, hung out, touched my heart, pursued, prayed, trusted, opened up, shared, and loved me these past couple of weeks. 
Thank You God for each and every one you have put in my life. Blessings and Your favor onto all of them and their families.

Come and join a community of gratitude, if only to first get your wings: 

holy experience

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  1. Counting along with you ... As always a joy to splash in thankfulness all around.