birthday weekend


We spent the whole weekend celebrating your Daddy's 40th Birthday.


Our schedule of fun party events went as follows:

DSC_0002 19-53-27

The most fun was (is always) the Treasure Hunt.


This year I made up little poems with the last word missing
to guide you from one hidden wrapped gift to the next
through out the house.


I love watching you both run from floor to floor,
room to room, looking for the next gifts and clue.


It's kind of like Christmas.


We were blessed with incredible weather for our
outdoor treasures.


Your favorite gift was your fazoodles.
You have been asking for them forever. :)


After two weeks of no sugar for me
I decided to have a sliver of the delicious cake
you picked out for Daddy.


Birthday cake and a winning football game...
who could ask for more.

And as if someone had planned it, 
our family won one of the five very nice 
community gift bags with lots of free tickets and meals
at the Fall Festival at Life Bridge.
(And when I picked the slip for the last family to receive 
the final bag left, it was AUNTIE PAM'S family!!!)

So much fun packed into such a
special weekend!

Happy 40th Birthday, Greg! :)

The following are the poems and gifts from the scavenger hunt:

Plastic or glass 
You use me to drink 
To rinse me out 
You use the ______.
(mader color changer)

Be very careful
Don’t bump your head
Climb up the ladder 
To the top of your bunk____.
(rocket balloons for you
and new pajama pants for your Daddy)

This is a treasure hunt
Not a chase or a race
But run yourself down 
To the cold fire______
(pop tarts- a no-no in this house
and five build it yourself airplanes)

When watching a movie 
And it’s popcorn you crave
Open the package and 
Put it in the ________!
(10 bags of popcorn and the movie
How to Train Your Dragon)

When I make cookies
I always like to look
At my favorite recipes 
In my black cook_____
(Wheat Thins and another no-no in our house,
squeeze cheese)

Forgive me please,
You may have to crouch
Or lay on your face 
To see under the _______.
(a new trio set)

What’s that I hear?
Was it a swish?
You’d better run up 
And check on your _____.
(i honestly don't remember)

Shhhhhh...listen close.
Do you hear a boy vroom?
You should make sure
No one’s in your toy _______.
(snot rod color changer)

Go to the front door.
Put on your crocks.
Time to head out 
To check the mail_______.
(each of your favorite kinds of chocolate)

When people come to visit
And want to rest their head
They crawl up to get some sleep
In the guest ____.
(a can of peanuts and more
pajama pants for your Dad)

I’m not quite sure where
You may have to trek.
But I know it is worth 
The surprise on the _____!
(ruffles chips and dip)

If you are wiling 
If you are able
Hop down the stairs 
To see your cars ______.
(your very own green calculator,
you are in love with mine)

Zu-zus and airplanes
Tracks, cars, and blocks
Are all tucked away 
In your giant toy ____.
(your own set of measuring cups
because you are always stealing 
mine for the bath tub)

Fire Cat and Froggy 
Little House on the Prairie
Are books that have been 
In your upstairs _________.

(a new toy for Yuki)

If you spin it real hard 
It can sure get to cruizin’
Just open the cabinet
Turn the fun lazy _________.
(microwavable dishes for your Daddy
who hates getting burned by our dishes)
If you want to feel
Like famous rock stars 
just jam out on Daddy's
Rockin’ _______.

When you’re ready to go
It’s not easy to choose
But check in the closet
For just the right ______. 
(your own set of measuring spoons
to go with your measuring cups)

If you’re feeling snack-ish 
Then nothin’ says lovin’
Like something delicious
Hiding inside your _______!
("as seen on TV" brownie pan
with fresh brownies waiting.
Your Daddy has been BEGGING for 
this for a long time.)

There might be a gift 
For my 40 year old hubby
Go see for yourself
In his bathroom cubby!
(a very nice electric shaver)


  1. You are such a clever girl!!! Very nice idea's AND gifts. I am sure it will be very memorable! Love Mom

  2. I love the poems, so cute! :) AND thank you for picking my name!!!!!!!!! :)))))))) Pam