a holy experience- by God and ann

The pile of books and journals that lay on our dinning room table:

full"as is" photo #3 

Ann, a complete stranger has literally pastored me for months.  

God's Words and God's Hands... her diligent work in faith.

Her writing fills the spaces in me with Him. 
She has shown me things in a way they have never been offered to me. 

She has read and understood my heart.
She has written to and upon it.

She has taught me how to make a habit of finding Him in my real life.

She led my family to 1,128 (and counting) accounts of Gratefulness, 
and "Walking with Him Wednesdays" on any day.

She led my marriage through transformation,
with her series, "the making of a marriage bed", 
and taught me how to appreciate the quiet of a lifetime love. 

She showed me how to love everything God has made of me
...and then how to let it all go.  

She has taught my family to never leave the table without chewing the real bread, satisfying our true hunger.

She brought us back to compassion and showed me the heart of her Guatemala. Brought us to Alexandro. 
to sarah and juan. 

She confirmed His asking to store the Word in our hearts. Committing to memory what quick paced and easy resources have deemed obsolete.

And now, she is moving me here,
as a blogger.

I know, like everything else He's used her to change in me
this too will soon see change.

Until then, I will finish up this long season of documenting for Zeek
with an "as is" series of photos, what the corners of our life looked like today,
and then...

only He knows. 

Thank you, Ann, for letting God use you so.
Many Blessings!


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