jolly old st. nicholas

Since we've watched and enjoyed the Veggie Tales St. Nicholas movie this holiday season I have been less hateful of dressed up santa clauses around every corner, and I am viewing it more as a symbol reminding us of what St. Nicholas stood for and how giving is an important part of our lives.

Hence, I have forced, shoved, and even bribed you into the laps of every Sant-y we've come across. (It's turned out the guy is nearly everywhere!)


You are NOT happy about this. You've always known the truth about him, and you're not exactly one to sit on a strangers lap... or talk to them... or look at them. 

But you'll do just about anything for candy since you rarely see the likes of it. 
And Angry Cat is always happy to lead the way...


I've even gone so far as to shave time off a pending consequence in your room. Hey, it worked!

My favorite santa story has been when you told the santa at snips and giggles you wanted a toy airplane for Christmas. Our conversation following went like this:

Me: so did he ask you what you want for Christmas?
You: (disgruntled) yes. 
Me: did you tell him?
You: (more disgruntled) yes.
Me: what did you say? 
You: an airplane... but don't think about it Mom. I don't really want one. I just said it so I could get off that guy's lap and get my candy cane. 

HA! I love it. 
You really crack me up sometimes. 


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