The title of this place has certainly seen it's changes over the years. Before you were born it was babyyum.com. That was because of the nick name, "yum yum", when you were in my belly. babyyum was transfered to paper and put in your piggy books for you.

After you were born I changed the address to babyzeek.com, documenting the first three years of you.
Then, for awhile I went private and only wrote about you in a hidden word document that I have been slowly adding to the beginning of this space. 

When I decided to go public again, a little over a year ago, you were no longer a "babyzeek.com". I prayerfully chose abundantlife.com led by a scripture I felt that God was giving me over and over in my quest to find answers about what He was permitting for me.

And now, another change with keepingzeek.com.
This latest change is about separating my personal stuff from your "scrapblog" as I'm feeling more and more inclined to journal my journey online, as well.

The name was easy to come up with. As I hope to keep up with your document for you, keep your space light and fun saving it from all my personal stuff, while we try to keep "up with" you, the one we do get to keep... it just is what it is: 


One of my all time favorite things to do in every one of those ways. :)  

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