You and Zach have made an art or partying these past weeks!

Both equally in love with Toby Mac 
("booming out your stereo system" about as loud as this Mom can stand it 
even from behind the closed door in your room)
you jam out most of your time together.

Both wildly insistent that you will stay up ALL night long PARTYING!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
I could not have asked for more in a friend for you!

When we decided to take you to the outdoor theater to see Cars 2
on its opening night, you asked for Zach to come along.

He not only wanted to join us, but he stayed the whole day, 
night, and through the next day! :)

You two enjoyed some miniature golf

and the movie was a hit!

The two of you had just enough of a rest on the ride back to 
resume your all night party plans once we were home. 

You claimed that you went to sleep at 1:38a.
You're such teen wannabes. 

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