Little Gym Graduate

This week you had your last class of the season in Little Gym Sports. 

They held a little ceremony for your graduation during which you 
did some tricks and showed off what you've learned this year:

They also presented you with medals and certificates. 

It was very cute. 

We were sure to get Ayden's number and set up for a play date with him, soon. 

The two of you have grown very close, 
and it is sad to know that you will not share a class again, 
as Ayden will be attending public kindergarten next year. 

His mom and I did sign you up for the same week of camp this summer, 
and we will see to it that you see each other plenty. 

As for Little Gym, we are SO happy with what it has done for you.
The program has made such a change in your esteem, confidence, 
comfort in talking with and looking people in the eye,
and attitude about going places and doing things. 

We love it, and will certainly be enrolling you again next year! 

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  1. Congratulations on your graduation little guy!!! I can't wait to see your medal the next time I come. I'll bet you will keep it in your roll top desk with the rest of your treasures! :) Love Gra