keeping up

Or should I say hardly keeping up on blogging for you these days. We haven't been doing much of anything these days but enjoying our summer days with Sarita. 
SHE'S HERE!!! And we are all quite smitten. 

You are not as I expected you to be. You're so content with her here. No jealousy, no strange transitioning. In fact, yesterday I jokingly yelled something at her while she was beating my in a game we were playing, and you said from the other room, "hey! don't yell at Sarita! yell at me if you have to." 
We both thought that was so sweet.

We have been ALL over the place from zoos and parks to restaurants, friends homes, pools, the mall, farmers market, and even the county fair! We're doing our best to make the most of the last couple of weeks before school starts. 

I'm so excited for your school to begin. We have everything (and then some) ready to go! This week I will get to set up your school room fresh for our first day on Thursday! 

I will try to get back in here in the next few weeks to add some pics and share a little more detail about all of our fun activities. 

I love you and am very proud of you, Muffin! 

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