somewhere over the rainbow

Yesterday evening we went to the Farmers Market. The sky was perfect, the weather was amazing, and you were so sweet, warm and fun. 

I stopped to breath, close my eyes and thank God over and over. It was an evening I never want to forget. 

We had dinner. We talked about Sarita. We met some nice people who sat with us and gave you a firsthand beautiful intercultural experience that tied into how we are all from the same family of God. 
We visited some shops, perused the market, ran into my favorite jewelry maker and placed a couple of custom orders. You fell in love with a bread I never thought you'd like. You bought me a sunflower for $1. We held hands almost the entire three hours we were there. 

And my favorite: as we were walking by, the live band started playing one of our favorite songs (somewhere over the rainbow by israel kamakawiwo'ole). I put down all of our veggies and your dill bread, picked you up in my arms, and we danced right in the middle of the street. You laughed and cuddled and rubbed your nose on my nose. You said, "I love you meam" about 100 times. 

Oh, how I love you, back!!! 

I know that the downtown Farmers Market will be one thing I long for come January.      I hope these memories hold. 

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