Birthday Party Getaway

When I asked you what you wanted to do for your birthday party this year
you said you wanted to go to the Kalahari with Jaymee, again. 

You always dream big...

but we couldn't have agreed more with this plan!

In the art of saving time and money 
we went to an area water resort instead of the actual Kalahari itself.

It turned out to be even more perfect.
SO clean. Great hospitality. And just the right size for your age.
Oh, and might I add, it was fabulously empty.

We pulled Jay and Sarita out of school for both days
and had the entire place to ourselves.

Even Uncle Tony surprised us and showed up to play!

You enjoyed your "Happy Birthday Kevin" cake.

More on that "Kevin" bit a little later...

And we finished off the whole event with dinner at one of 
your favorite restaurants (Chili's), and a Birthday treat for all!

This was a great way to celebrate your turning six.
We all had such a nice time, and there was NO stress
or even clean up in the end. :)

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