Barkhausen Field Trip

When we went to Barkhausen for the first time last year
I learned about the awesome homeschoolers' field trip they
have for school agers in the fall.

When the registration came around this year
I could not wait to participate!

The day was action packed with FUN!
We got to dig stuff out of the pond, explore and 
identify different organisms and species. 

Then, you and the other kids did some exploring of your own in the woods.

You even got to see Noah for the first time in almost a year!

The two of you were happy as could be...
like two frogs in a pond.

After that we all ate together, and then we went on a nature trek.

Mr. Matt taught us all kinds of things about different plants, trees, and wildlife.

It was really awesome, and you keep asking me when we can go back. 
Neither of us can wait for next year!!! :)

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  1. Oh my that looks like so much fun. Love to look for frogs, but haven't found a place around here where they have a program for it. Next year though when we are back in Norway :)