Door County - August '13

These photos are in crazy random order... but it's no matter. 

The point is, a couple of days after Jada, Kaila, Leo and their Mom headed home from our place,
you, your dad, and I headed north for a little vacation alone together, away from it all.

It was one of the best times we've ever had. Period.

We discovered the fun that is Geocaching.
And we pretty much filled in all the gaps between swimming, eating, and playing
with GPS coordinated treasure hunting.

It was SO much awesome. 

Each Geocaching adventure led us to a new place we had never been before.
We climbed, hiked, scaled rock walls, trekked through woods, walked docks and beaches...

We registered and chose the family name 

We took our pictures at ever site we found. 

We uploaded one from each place to the Geocaching site.

We also shopped for our own box of swag for trading.

Seriously, ridiculous fun.

We ate at Al's every morning. And the Wild Tomato a couple of times too, of course.
We also tried Casey's for the first time.
You had ice cream from Not Licked Yet, and I from The Creamery.
And we visited Bea's (Geocaching) where we got some delicious jams and baking mixes.

You and your Dad swam ALOT.

Even At night. It was very sweet.

And, as usual, we got crazy at the Confectioners.

We finally wrote on that big Anderson barn/warehouse.

We barely watched any TV the entire four days... 
although, we did watch Jurassic Park for your first time.

We played Playmobile and took hot whirlpool tub baths at night.

Your Dad and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on our last day of vacation.

It was a time away, apart from the dogs, jobs, home and our lives
that your Dad and I will never forget. 

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