Since They've Been Gone

we've been closer - all three of us - we've been us again in the same way but with a little bit new

we've been cuddling - how i missed all this cuddling 

we've been reading - The Ship's Cat Doris, to be specific - it's better than the movies

we've been talking again - there's nothing like really Knowing you

we've been laughing - last night we laughed so hard, about what i don't remember... biting and chewing maybe?

we've been playing - playmobil mostly 

we've been going out together again - every outing is like a special date - lunches - parks - playdates- even shopping is so much fun with just you

we've been getting ready - for third grade - for fall - for whatever God is bringing us to next

you've been different - you laugh more and move easier, you breathe like water flows and there's nothing trapped inside about you now - it all comes out

you've been a kid

you've been showing more and more signs of eight - i can't believe you're almost eight

your wrists are almost as thick as mine - your face is growing up - you are so beautiful - i love to watch you grow and smile - smiling and growing... two best things on earth

since they've been gone

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