It seems that you have settled into the idea and a better understanding of this adoption journey we are on. I suppose, since we went from the cautious standpoint of talking to you about it as a possibility or an option, to living each day as though we are fully "expecting"…

You are becoming very excited. You had your concerns before you accepted that we are having a child. But now, you've joined right along with us in talking about it just as though he or she is already on their way home. 

Every night we ask God to be with our child who is not with us yet. We pray that they are in a safe, warm, loving place. We ask that God makes Himself known in their hearts - that they will have a burning hope from Him and a foreknowledge of their coming family. 

Everyday, I have to lift all of this up to God- our child, their journey, safety, health, care, the waiting, etc... or I would barely be able to stand this interim time. I spend just as much time handing things over to God as I do dreaming of his or her eyes, hands, hair, voice, heart, hobbies, interests, dreams, learning style, current home and care givers, future in our arms…

Last week you made a blessings list. You numbered it from 1-10. When your Dad and I read it together that night we were beaming with pride, joy, excitement (and my tears).
#7 read, "Soon I will have a brother or sister"

Currently, you are concerned about tattling. You wonder if your sibling will tattle and whine a lot. You ask me about it. I point out the fact that it could turn out to be you who is the whiny tattle-tale, reminding you how often you aimlessly tell on Frank for ever such tiny matters. :) 

You slept at Aunt Pam's house over the weekend, and you did not want to come back home when it was all over. In the car on the way home I asked you what you love so much about being at Aunt Pam's. You said, "there's always someone for me to play with." 
You have made the point that you have no one to play with at home maybe 10 times in your life, but for the first time ever I was able to just smile and tell you in my heart, "just you wait, baby". 

Just we all wait. 
I love waiting with you and your Daddy.

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