Valentines Day

We were never big Valentines Day people, 
until last year when "love" became kind of a big deal in our family. 

Now, we don't need a special holiday for mushy gushy displays of love around our house. 
We slow dance every morning, gather at the front door for kissing and hugging and 
waving goodbye when Greg leaves for work - there are always romantic gestures, doors opened, 
and warming of cold bedsides - I always have fresh flowers, the first drink of every coke opened, 
and too much cuddling and sweetness to keep track of. 

So when there's an excuse to get yet crazier about showing our love, WE TAKE IT! 

I woke up to a giant heart shaped box of Seroogy's assorted chocolates 
and cards from both of my sweet guys. 

Zeek and I made tons of decorations throughout the day. 

I made him a "love-ly lunch"…

and he secretly worked on making these standing "LOVE" letters of legos. 

We made cutout cookies and frosted them. 

We made Valentines cards and bought treats and snacks for our Valentines weekend. 

In the middle of the day a florist delivered the biggest bouquet of roses I've ever seen in my life, 
from my sweetheart. :)

And in the afternoon a Pajama Gram was delivered with my name on it. 
My clever Valentine found and bought me these!!!!

The most comfortable, snuggly, warm, adorable "hoodie footies". :)

Once Greg was home from work the real party began.
We had a great family, movie, pizza night, valentines day party, 
and we enjoyed the rest of our weekend together just the three of us, in love. :) 

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