Zeek's Art Studio

From the early morning, throughout the day, into the evening- pretty much any spare time Zeek has he's drawing or making something. From his own matchsticks and dynamite, to books about dragons and fire worms, he loves to draw, sculpt, paint, glue, tape, write and create. He's always been a little artist. 

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a book at the library that is filled with art lessons. As I got into it I learned that it also instructs how to provide an "art studio" for your kids or students. This peeked my interest. As I read more I learned how awesome and inspiring it is for kids to have a space that is set up just for creating. 

So came the daunting task of reorganizing our craft/laundry/dog/mud room. Since the dogs have recently transitioned to being free in the house at all times, I knew I could delegate what has always been their kennel room to something different. And since I pretty much only use the room to store my card making, drawing and painting supplies, I decided to downsize my own stash and make the room Zeek's Art Studio.

I'd like to say this was no big deal, but until about half way through the project I had no idea what I was getting into.  

Once I had gotten things stripped down, sorted, and cleared out, 
Zeek and I went to Walmart for storage containers and desk lamps. 
Then it was just a matter of setting up the room. 
It was amazing how much stuff we had tucked away 
that was just begging to be used, for years. 

Now, it is all out on display for him,

along with some of the things he's already made.

There is cork board for pinning,

and canvases with easels for painting.

There are two desk areas.

We demo-ed the roll top desk we weren't using

and turned it into another space. 
It's good to have extra room for friends
or maybe a brother or sister. ;)

The closet storage space has been optimized.

And Zeek is loving it!

He spent most of his day in there yesterday after 
I revealed the finished product to him.

He ate his meals, listened to his music and stories,
watched his show on his iPad, 
and of course, created away

I'm grateful we have this extra space available to use for this.
I think it is priceless.

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  1. Wonderful! I long to have a space one day designated for all our supplies and creating. But in the meantime it's stored all over the house setting up the dining table when it's project time. Unfortunately when it's not all right at hand a lot of the supplies or desire to get it all out is lacking... :(