Family Adventure - Milwaukee WI

This weekend we went to Milwaukee.

It was kind of spontaneous.

We wanted to meet Cousin Courtney's twins.

And have a little family adventure.

We went to the Domes for the first time.

They were incredible.

Especially this time of year, when it's still SO cold.

Each of the three Domes have a different (warm) climate.

The first we went into was a rain forest.

With live bugs, birds and plant life indigenous to the rain forest. 

We could not get enough.

It felt like summer.

We walked through, looking at every single thing.

Just soaking up the "sun".

I think the rain forest was all of our favorite.

It was SO perfectly warm and beautiful.

The second dome was the desert. 

It too was beautiful.

Surprisingly, we weren't as into the desert as the rain forest. 

I would have thought ANYTHING warm would do. :)

It was still very neat to see though.

While I love cacti and succulents

my favorite were the Birds of Paradise. 

I enjoyed photographing with my phone, obviously. 

The third Dome was called "garden".

They were featuring a G-Scale train exhibit through out.

It was really gorgeous. 

I could not get enough of the green, trees, flowers and warm sun...

Afterward we went to lunch.

Greg was a little worried to parallel park because 
he didn't want to touch the rims on his low profile tires. :)

We ate at Ian's, and Greg fell in love. 

Then we went to Cousin Courtney's house for some baby lovin'.


We met, cuddled and cooed over Stella and Mateo 
while they napped through hours of our visit. 

It was the perfect day.

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  1. Yes, I would have LOVED the domes, all three! What a great idea. Makes me want to go out and plant more flowers! My boy is gettting too big. I miss him. Love you guys, Mom