Summer Camp

Zeek is enjoying summer camp. Last night when I picked him up, I could tell the exhaustion was starting to set in. By dinner time he was pretty much done. He was so tired he kept saying all he wanted was to sleep. And sleep he did. Unfortunately, the weather isn't usual right now. It's a little chilly with highs in the 60's. They weren't even able to swim yesterday, it was so cold. Today's forecast is only a high of 67 where he'll be.

Greg and I are loving the excitement of having him in camp. We think about him throughout the day, wondering if he's playing kickball, or painting rocks, or learning camp songs. We pray that he's enjoying himself. Each day, we can't wait to hear all that he's done at camp! He's so cute and sweet and fun.

He does not, however, like me hanging around for the bus to leave. He will barely look at me, and as for any hugs or kisses, forget about it. I'm surprised if I get so much as a half wave. He might be homeschooled, but he sure doesn't act like it when it comes to being seen with his parents! 

Tomorrow night we will attend family night at the campgrounds. We will have a bbq dinner and watch all the groups do their skits and performances. Then Zeek will have the choice to sleep at camp for one night. We are all set for him to do so. We'll see what he decides… 

P.S. Zeek did not end up choosing to stay the night at camp. Between his exhaustion and longing for home and admittedly his MOM :) he couldn't imagine staying overnight and through Friday. So we gladly took him home with us, and brought him back for the bus in the morning. 

Overall, Camp rocked and we're hopeful he will want to go again next year.

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