Summer School Plan

You and Kaila have a real love for video gaming. 
Specifically, Minecraft.

In previous years, I have given you about a week of playing 
as much as you wanted for the most part. 

This year, I knew that I would have to have a different plan, 
since Kaila wouldn't just be here 3 or 5 weeks, but the 

So, I decided to buy you each summer workbooks for LA, Math, and cursive,
as well as a Book Report template workbook. 
I told you that for every completed lesson you would earn a ticket. 
And for ever book report of a book you've read this summer,
you earn three tickets. 
One ticket equals 10 mins of video game time.

You are also able to earn time for unplanned outdoor play time at home.

This plan has been working beyond what I'd hoped. 
I have not yet asked you to do school work,
or go outside to play. 
Every single day you dive right into both 
with your own agenda and motivation.

I love it!

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