School's Out For the Summer!

And somewhat forever, for us. Public school that is, anyway. 

We were so blessed in our obedience to God's direction for your schooling this year. It was amazing beyond anything we could have ever imagined or hoped for. We are so grateful for and proud of the experiences, growth, and changes you went through. 

I'm looking very forward to returning to Homeschooling, but I'm surprised how hard if feels to say goodbye to this amazing year, and most of all, the people who we've spent the year with...

Mrs. Bortz
(your 4th grade teacher)

Mr. Welnetz
(your Principal)

And the office administrator, Miss Kim. 

I expected this last day to be so exciting and joyful -
being done with public school for good,
no more early mornings,
wearing presentable clothes,
bulky backpacks,
bagged lunches,
leaving the house for 7 hours a day,
waiting, waiting, wasting…,
wanting to learn more,
sitting in that lunch room,
those mean monitors,
the stress of those few pushy kids,

But when I picked you up there wasn't a dry eye in the crowded building!
The teachers, students and admin were all wide eyed and red faced, 
saying their good-byes, hugging, lingering…

I was glad I was bearing gifts.
We passed out flower baskets and thank you cards with letters.
We took photos. 
I left with one somber little man.

Ice cream surely helped (doesn't it always)
but I suspect there will be some more sadness,
some tough adjustments, and some long talks.

I'm so glad Kaila is coming in a few days!


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