The (precious) Life of (my sweet) EggRol

You enjoy reading this blog. A couple weeks ago you asked me if you could have your own blog. This was a surprise to me. I never imagined you would want one - though, when I would have considered myself an avid blogger, the idea was dreamy. Now, years later, there's no hesitation. 
I'd done all the thinking on it I would need to do, and I gladly pointed you in the direction of blog-land within days of your inquiry. 

I love your blog space. You picked out your layout, customized it, chose the colors, fonts, sizes… and of course the name, which is in correlation with your gamer tag (I know that's probably not what it's called anymore) - DeliciousEggRol - AKA: Eggy - or EggyOP. You are so much like me in this. Wanting your hand in every creative part. Coming up with the perfect most suitable name to represent your space. 
Needless to say, I am so proud of you and your blog:

The Life of An EggRol

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