We went to Madison this week. 

We brought Hootie and Coonie,
of course.

After I painstakingly forced you to hit the farmers market with me,
we did THIS. Ians. 50% of the reason we go to Madison.

We also went to a place the called "The Cat Cafe".

And it is just that -
an eye itching cafe filled with real cats. 
You were in your glory. 

We also went to Insomnia Cookies. 

We stayed at Emily's house. 
They were away on vacation and were nice enough to let us use their place.

We loved it. From the giant whirlpool tub,
to the mornings of game playing and breakfasts…

On our second day we went fishing.

We rented a row boat (a first for us both)

You pretty much taught me the ropes
(of which you learned from rowing in Minecraft)

It was a good bonding experience we will probably not soon forget.
We laughed so hard (while at times being terrified for our lives).

But mostly we laughed.

I love watching you have fun. 
Your smile lights up my life.

Of course, we did some more of this. Ians.

We spontaneously stopped at the Red Elephant, 
where you met "the butler", as you called him.
(he was really just an uppity snob who sold their chocolates)

We went to an amusement park where we drove RC boats,
played in an arcade, you put on a puppet show, 
played a game of basketball in a trampoline court,

and climbed a rock wall. 

That evening we ate at Hubbard's,
another Madison favorite of ours. 

We also went to see Finding Dory at the IMax.

The next day we discovered a new-to-us place near Emily's…
La Michoacana - a delicious and unique ice cream shop.

We had a pretty special time on our own in exploring Madison.
I'm glad we got away together for a little snug time. 

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